Would this dress look okay with a "casual groom" in an outdoor wedding??
The groom is definitely not a tuxedo kinda guy, and he looks weird (to me) in neckties. As much as I would love him to wear a vest that matches his slacks to dress up his outfit, he thinks he'd hate it. It's his day, too, and he deserves to be comfortable and not feel self-conscious. SO, he's wearing dark khaki dress slacks and a white button down shirt. I really want to find a dress for me that doesn't make us look mismatched. Also, we're having an outdoor wedding in our garden, so I don't want to go super fancy because of that either.

Do you think a dress like this would look silly standing next to a groom who's pretty much going "business casual"?

Another option I really like is the Cecelia gown over at J.Crew.com. Looking at it definitely doesn't have me worried that it would be too fancy for my outdoor wedding, even though I think that particular dress it seems over-priced, given it's a simple sheath dress with no detailing. Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you!

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I think honestly, that dress is gorgeous and perfect for a garden wedding. I think that just like you want him to be comfortable in what he is wearing that day, it is important that you get to wear what you want that day too. On a normal day would it look mismatched? Probably. Would anyone, or should you let anyone tell you that your attire doesn't go together on your wedding day? Heck no. It's your only chance to wear a gorgeous, once in a life time gown, go for it!

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The bride should always stand out (in a good way), it's our "Special day" :-) I think that dress will look beautiful in an outside setting. IMO I would keep the hair simple tho (no tiara or veil) because that might "push it over the top" of being "too formal" for a causual wedding.

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The dress is gorgeous! Who cares if you wont match. GO FOR IT!

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I have the same thing going on for our wedding -- my FH wants to wear grey pants and a white dress shirt and maaaaybe a vest. I didn't want to be mismatched either, and I looked at a LOT of lace dresses! I ultimately didn't choose one, but it was because I didn't want a train/bustle. I think lace is perfect for a garden wedding and you won't look mismatched at all. That dress is gorgeous, go for it!

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I think it's simple, beautiful and romantic. Go for it!!!!

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That dress is beautiful, totally perfect for a garden wedding.....he will look fine next to you!

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i think its amazing and even if my hubby was in cut off jean shorts i would still rock that dress =)

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It's beautiful and perfect! You will look great! Don't hesitate

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I think it would work pretty well. Its a very pretty dress

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dress is absolutely beautiful and will look perfect with a suited groom!

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Loveee that dress! And no, I think you two will look amazing together :)

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I love the dress and think it will look fine with his outfit.

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Love your dress!! I'm sure it will look great with any theme!!!

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Beautiful and looks like a perfect match!

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GORGEOUS dress first of all.

What if he did a khaki, grey, or seersucker suit with no tie? Or just a tie/vest combo with no jacket?

Just options to consider. That might spiff him up a bit without making him uncomfortable.

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Bow tie? Bright color so he stands out more than the typical business casual day?

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I have to say that dress is beautiful! DH realy didnt want to wear a vest when i first mentioned it but when he went out and actually tried one on he loved it! Said it was the best part of his outfit~! maybe suggest he tries on a few things and see how he feels!

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Thanks everyone! I was really on the fence about it, so I appreciate everyone's comments.

Yeah... I keep looking at those guys in the vests and think about how awesome he'd look in one that matched his pants. I'm just going to make him try one on and to actually show him how good it would look!

Thanks again everybody!

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The vest thing is nice and the no ties too. The ivory mermaid gown is to die for!

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beth c your dress is amazing.
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