What veil should I wear?
I am having two weddings, a small wedding in a church, and then a larger wedding outdoors at a ranch. When I bought my wedding dress I tried on a few veils and chose a elbow length veil with the church wedding in mind. Now I'm wondering if maybe I should find an additional veil for the outdoor wedding.

I really like the birdcage veil look but I'm not sure if it would go with my dress. I was thinking of one like this: http://bios.weddingbee.com/pics/80984/birdcage.jpg

The veil I currently own looks a lot like this one: http://stores.dreamdressbridal.com/catalog/V098-2_thumb.jpg

My wedding dress is: http://www.alfredangelo.com/collections/productdisplay.aspx?productID=0e8faf24-67d7-4119-bab4-60f4a1472e7d&categoryID=1975d565-34d2-4d81-90c9-437deabe902d&pg=1&colorId1=

What type of veil do you think goes best with this dress? Or is there something else you think would look better?


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I think for your style dress I would stick with the veil you already own, its more classic. I personally see the bird cage veils good for the form fitting dresses

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Agree with Kelli. But it you love the birdcage one get it and have two.

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I think the dramatic dress requires a veil equally as dramatic and elegant. The one you already own is perfect

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