switching colors and chaos of love!
Good grief... so, I guess this is how love is! He picked the malibu, based on websites and fabric swatches I brought, plus it brings out the blue in his eyes... it makes them twinkle just a bit more! Yesterday, he realized the malibu at Men's Warehouse is only available in a feminine floral looking white stitchwork and said he liked the deeper blue better. (Yes, I realize the malibu in plain is available other places.) I think he just had to see it in person- i'm glad he didnt wait until May to say he didn't like the malibu. So, it is official... we are switching to David's Horizon blue. I've told the bridesmaids to order their dresses and got so tired of the dispute over them that I had to assign a dress. Its a race, because my aunt said she'll give $20 to the BM who orders her dress first!
He also wants white pants for the GM. I have tried to convince him that I think its a bit much and his stubbornness screams "I'll show up in clown pants!" I don't care, but pray he'll look nice!

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I've had basically the same problem, so a few weeks ago we changed colors from burgundy to aqua, I've had a struggle with the BM because they live in 2 different states than me so finally I told them the color swatch and told them to go get their dresses, at this point I don't care! love the pants on the last one, haha!!

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yeah, the problem, with the clown pants (loudmouthgolf.com) is that my mother would have a temper tantrum

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