Order in which Bridal party walks down the aisle at the wedding.
We are not having a rehersal due to the distance most would have to travel to the venue and not everyyone can make it on that day. So we are planning just let eveyone know the order they will go down the isle the day of the wedding.

So the question is what is the order that everyone goes down the aisle?
The only thing we know for sure is the bride goes last.

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At my friends wedding..they had the parents go down first, then the flower girl and ring bearer, followed by the bridesmaids/groomsman. Then of course the bride. :-)

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I say it goes by height/age/importance in the wedding.

And the parents are usually walked down the aisle during seating by the groomsmen. They're not technically part of the bridal procession, so to speak.
Then the groomsmen go to the front with the groom (I guess you could have the groomsmen walk with the girls? At most weddings I've been in, the women walk alone and the men are already at the end of the aisle...)

Then it goes flower girl, ring bearer, maybe junior bridesmaids (if you have any) followed by the rest of the bridemaids, and then the MOH, and finally the music changes and the bride and her dad come down the aisle last.

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i thought the flower girl went right before the bride so only she got to step on flower petals- am i incorrect?

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We had all guests seated, including moms. First went MOH & BM, the both sets of BMs & GMs, then RB, then FG, then me and my dad and step-dad. There are mayn ways to do it and none are wrong. Think about what works best with the people you have.

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We appreciate the help so many little things left.

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We are doing grandmothers escorted by my Fh, my mother by my son whom is also a gm, and then my fh is walking his mom down, then bm and gm, the ring bearer and flowergirl, then me
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