November 2012 Wedding
Any other November 2012 brides?? Our date is 11/24/12! I can't believe how fast it's coming up. What color scheme is everyone going with? We are doing plum bridesmaid dresses and a mix of colors for the flowers (lavendar, purple, pink, orange) and white mixed with those colors for my bouquet. :)

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I'm a November bride! (6 months as of yesterday!)

Our wedding colors are Charcoal Grey, Eggplant Purple, and Begonia pink accent.

Congrats! Your colors sound beautiful!

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Thanks, congrats to you also!!

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Hello November bride sisters! We got engaged in October and I thought 1 year would be plenty of time. I blinked and now we are 6 months away! What happened?? My color is mainly Sangria (a burgundy wine) and chocolate brown.

Congrats on your colors!!!

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Former November bride! And I will say, it comes up faster than you realize! I have been here quite a while so if anyone needs help, feel free to ask!

Good luck and happy planning to you all!

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November 10th. Just booked Venue yesterday. I've been engaged just one month, and now I have just 6 months to plan. I purchased dress last week. I have no idea what colors, and we haven't picked attendants yet. Going to dinner tonight to have parents meet. Actually, my Dad hasn't met Eric's mom or sister, otherwise everyone has met.

Lauren FM
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I'm a November bride too! 195 days left!! Our colors are teal, navy, and gray, with hints of purple :). The only big thing we have left is ordering cake!

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I'm a November bride :) November 16th! Our colors are sage and navy :) We have a LONG way to go but I am having fun corresponding with my FMIL since she is coordinating this whole thing.

Amy S.
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November 4 here!! I have a feeling that our month is not a very popular month for weddings because it seems like I hardly ever see November brides on here.

Our colors are very un-Novembery but they are the only colors I like so oh well!! Hot pink, yellow, and lots of sparkle and bling.

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We wanted to get married in October but apparently an October wedding in the fall is like a June wedding in the summer...popular and more expensive! I figured bumping it into the beginning of November would still give us the fall felling we want and for A LOT less.

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Purple is all the rage! We are doing plum with pops of lime green.

When we got engaged last July--November felt like it would never get here. Can't believe how fast its coming!! We live in AZ. No summer wedding for us!!

Good luck to everyone! Good to see other Nov. brides!

Married: 11/03/2012
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November bride here as well.. kinda... we got married just the two of us Nov of 2011 but having a celebration of love ceremony on our one year anniversary for all of our family and friends, 11/3/12. I agree purple is hot right now. We are not having a bridal party but asking everyone to dress in shades of purple, eggplant, lavender, silver, which are the colors we will be using.

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We are doing jalapeno orange and a dark red.:)
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