my dress/what kind of veil to wear
so this is my dress and i dont know what kind of veil to wear/ shoes/accessories lol need help

Married: 07/21/2012
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any ideas would help

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no idea. how you doing your hair?

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Try a birdcage veil- I think it would be fabulous!!

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beautiful dress! I think the bircage veil above or a traditional "past shoulder length veil"

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i love that veil i never thought about it

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The veil would depend on how you're doing your hair. But looking at the gown, maybe an elbow length veil with little rhinestones. I'd think some sandal heels for shoes and maybe a simple set of jewelry, like a small chain with a small pendant. the gown itself is really beautiful!

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thanks guys and i am doing my hair half up

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How lovely! I am definitely bookmarking this for a summer project!!
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Your dress is beautiful!

I think you can absolutely wear a longer veil, very simple, very sheer - it'll look so romantic and I think you can pull it off!

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I agree with the birdcage veil

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With your hair half up and half down I could see you in a cathedral length veil with beading detail.

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ok thanks i like that

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I personally would consider choosing a traditional (no lace or beading) long veil. I also think that the dress would be perfect for simple earrings and a statement necklace. I am absolutely no help on shoes as I am choosing to go barefoot. That is one gorgeous dress!

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ha ha thanks Megan

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I think a simple satin peep toe would look stunning with the gown. Just a thought. :)

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thats exactly what i was thinking but wanted to make sure thanks
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