Looking for fuschia/hot pink bridesmaid dress
Bridesmaids dresses just don't come in the color I want (grr.. who knew it would be this hard to find bridemaids dress?!?) ...Initially I was just trying to find BM dresses the same color as the dress in my picture (my sister from prom a couple years ago). I couldn't find anything close so I tried to see if I could get the actual dress (Laundry by Shelli Segal) but Bloomingdales no longer sells it in that color. Has anyone seen collections that offer a similar color?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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My suggestion would be to get a paint card that matches the dress the closest and go to your local bridal stores and try to find a color that matches that the closest.

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On another note, David Bridal's Watermelon color looks pretty darn close to the dress on your profile.

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I've been taking the dress with me to every store to match against their swatches but maybe that's the problem..When compared so closely the colors look very different.

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I'm looking for something much richer than the fuschia that Jasmine, David's Bridal or Jasmine offers.. Eden is one I haven't looked at yet so I will definitely check it out! Thank you!!

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Try www.dessy.com

At the page select to view dresses in pink shades and it will bring up all different shades of the pink family like fushia/hot pink etc. Each dress comes in more colors then what it shown so that you can see how the dress looks in the colors you are interested in. You can also find where the nearest retailers are for that particular dress. Good luck!

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Have you checked out the Dessy group? Their color merlot in real life is similar to the shade in your pic.

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My bridesmaids wore fuschia pink dresses... I didn't like the pink david's bridal had either. I got their dresses from Alfred Angelo.

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Jenni, I found that website too! If only they offered more sizes!! It is the exact dress but they only have sizes 8 & 10 available... I should tell my BMs to fatten up.. Haha.

Yadayada, I just pulled up the Dessy website and they have a lot of color options! thanks!!

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My colors are black white and accents of hot pink. We are having the bridesmaids in black strapless dresses and they are going to have a hot pink (watermelon at DB) sashes with hand sewn beading on them.
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I just had a bridesmaid list a Persian Pink dress on the website. Designer is Jenny Yoo and dress is Payton style. Very pretty color. It is in my portfolio here on WW or you can visit the website to see it, too. Good luck finding what you are looking for!

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I am in the same situation as you. We are doing fuschia and orange, but I am struggling to find somewhere that makes them. I found a perfect example of what I want online, but it was someones photo album. My bridesmaids are spread all over the country, so I can't really have them handmaid. Did you have any luck finding yours?

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I am doing fuschia & orange too and having my girls wear fuschia dresses. We are going to look for dresses in a couple weeks. Alfed Angelo has some as does the After six collection.

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