HELP! Who is the Designer of this Dress?
Hello everyone! I have been on the search for a lace mermaid gown with a low back. Today on Pintrest, I fell in love with this dress. The link attributed it to a blog which had no link back to the designer. Does anyone have any ideas on who made this dress? I would be forever grateful to find out the designer's name! Thanks!!!

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It appears to be a custom made gown but here is the contact info

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FYI, you can Google search images now, that's how I found it

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Wow! That was quick. Thank you so much! I have already sent the designer a message. I really appreciate your help!

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This is a gorgeous dress! I would just contact her and see if she can make one for you.

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Wow! thats beautiful!

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No problem, glad I could help! Hopefully it's within whatever you budget is since there wasn't a price.

If not, let us know and I'm sure we can hunt down something similar.

You also may want to try on a similar shaped dress at a salon so you know how it looks on you. I thought I wanted a mermaid dress or lace, but it looked horrible on me lol

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Totally! I wasn't sure what I wanted until I went a couple of weeks ago and tried on about 30 dresses. Most were not within my budget, but I definitely walked away knowing that mermaid was the style made for my body type. Great advice though, because had I not done that, I wouldn't have known!

She is actually a great designer. Some of her other items are featured here and are really cute, too! Thanks again =)

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Yeah I looked to make sure she was a legit dress/clothing maker before I sent it too you.

I'd hate to steer someone in the wrong direction, aka a scam lol.

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I looked at this dress as well when I was looking for a gown style, here is the link to purchase it
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