Hair/Makeup for the Bridesmaids - who pays?
Who traditionally pays for this? What will the bridesmaids expect?

I am planning on paying for hair/makeup for my girls and myself (to the tune of $1100, ugh), but I wondering what is the norm?

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Lizz M.
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Every other wedding I've been in, I paid for my hair and did my own makeup.

I gave my girls the choice - they can either do their own hair and I'll pay for their makeup, or they can do their own makeup and I'll pay for their hair.

It's really up to the bride & what she can afford to do for the BMs. Or, how picky she is about hair/makeup.

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I think I might pay for half, it's easier for me to pay $30/pp versus $60. It's up to what your budget will allow

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It depends. If you REQUIRE them to get their hair and make up done professionally, you pay for it. If you don't want to pay for it and are okay with them doing their own hair/make up, tell them, "I'm getting my hair done at this salon at this time. You can check their website for prices and if you're interested in going there, too, I'll make appointments for all of us."

If you word it that way, they won't expect you to pay. You also won't have any control over what they do--though I would expect each one to WANT to look nice, whether they pay someone else to fix them up or if they do it themselves.

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If you're requiring hair and makeup professionally done, then you should pay for it. If you don't require it, you don't have to pay for it, but it's a nice thing to do if you can afford it.

Mrs. Del Grosso
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The bridesmaids traditionally pay for their own hair & makeup. I paid for my girls dresses and the hair & makeup artist is actually (not blood related) but a cousin of mine and the sister of 2 of my bridesmaids. It's only $85 for me for hair & makeup including trials and theirs is actually cheaper. We will probably get discounts since I've known them for 23 years now...

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I'm treating my bridesmaids to have their makeup done. I'm also paying for my mothers hair and makeup.

Sarah D.
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Wow thats expensive- I used and recieved a quote from a MUA who also does hair for 150$ for bridal makeup (airbrush) and she does bridal party/moms for $20 each for makeup and $20 each for hair. She is including my hair in with my makeup price because I have such a large group.

But my girls are paying for their own. Our wedding is very low budget and as much as I wish I could pay, I just can't. However I have left it completely up to the girls on if they want to use her.

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My plan is to get my girls makeup done. They are going to take care of their own hair. I am only asking that their hair be neatly styled but I am requiring that their makeup be professionally done or as we say in the south " their faces have to be beat"lol.

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Wow, I have never heard of a bride paying for the brodesmaids hair or makeup! Perhaps it is different on the coasts from Midwest etc. Near D.C. where I live it is understood that they pay themselves, and if your choice is too expensive they can go elsewhere if they would like without feeling obligated to use your choice for beauty services. If you have not offered already I don't think you should.

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I'm in DC, and I paid for everyone's hair and makeup although I didn't require it. It was just a part of our spending time together. If you can and want to afford it, there's nothing wrong with it.

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Unfortunately I am not financially able to pay for all 9 of my bridesmaids hair and make up. What I did was tell them where I will be going and I could make them an appointment if they would like. I also told them how much it would be. Now, a few of my girls won't be able to pay, so I will pay for them.

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I've only been in one wedding and the bride paid. I'm paying for all my girls hair and make up and my FSIL as well as both moms.

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Ok! So we have a little of everything. ;)

I think I will pay, since I already decided I would. I am certainly not requiring anyone to use the hair and makeup people, though!

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I have quite a few friends who do hair and make-up. They all offered to do my hair, my mom’s hair, and my bridesmaid’s hair for free. But of course, I want to tip them. I will probably tip $25 for each girl (bridesmaids, myself, and my mom), and I’ll pay for everyone.

If I didn’t have friends in the business I would probably ask my girls what they wanted to do. They are all really good at doing their hair and make-up so I think it would work out if they did their own hair and make-up, but I would see if they were comfortable with that first. I don’t think I’d pay for everyone. I worked for a salon for a few years and updo’s and make-up can get pricey. I saw a couple girls walk out paying $150 . I remember more than once the bridesmaids so pissed at the bride for making them get their hair done & pay for it. A lot of fights and drama in the salon, I want to stay away from that!

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I'm not requiring them to get their hair and makeup done so I don't think I should have to pay for it, BUT I know some of my girls really want to get their hair done and they're already putting in a lot of their own time & $$ into other things for the wedding, and we're all straight out of college, so FH and I offered to pay for 1/2 of their hair. If they want their makeup professionally done, they're on their own. Two of my BM's do makeup terrifically and they offered to do the other girls' makeup if need be.

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My girls will be expected to pay for hair and make up.

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I have a friend who is a hairdresser coming to the venue to do my girls and I, mainly because I was afraid one girl would come looking like a hot mess if I didn't and I didn't want to have to single her out. They will be expected to pay for themselves except for FHs baby sister who is only 16, we're taking care of everything for her. I haven't gotten a set price yet but I know its going to be very reasonable, she normally cuts my hair for $10.

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if you're making them get it done you pay, if you are giving them the option they pay
I paid half for one of my bm's (in secret) cause she was the only poor student the rest had full time jobs
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I'm paying for all my girls and my mom to get their hair done at the cost of $800 (including my hair and airbrush makeup) because all of my girls and family are OOT and I wanted to help with their overall expense. I've given the girls the option for professional makeup but it will be their expense if they choose to do so.

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I'm paying for everyone's makeup. I want it to he a uniform "look" e.g. Not someone with dramatic eyes and then someone else with a natural look. They all same dress and same color. So that being said, the hair is the only thing that will make them unique: my only rules are: clean, well groomed for a formal event, and natural coloring. Also as far as Beauty goes, no tattoos showing (I will not pay for airbrushing/coverup), nails must be clear or French manicured. I would like to think I'm being fair enough
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