anyone ever used clip-in hair extensions?
My hair is pretty long, mid back or so but really thin and for the wedding day, I'm wanting to leave my hair down and have long, flowing, romantic curls but my hair is kind of wimpy. I was thinking of getting some of those clip in hair extensions to give my hair some more volume and full-ness. So, I was just wondering if anyone had ever tried them before, if they were worth the extra $ and if they were comfortable/uncomfortable and such. :)

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Tiny Dancer
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A friend of mine did this. She has long-ish hair to her shoulder blades and for her wedding she wanted long curly locks so she got the clip in extensions. It looked great! The only downside is that they can feel heavy after awhile and could give you a head ache (much like having a bunch of bobbi pins tucked in there would).

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My friend and one of my BMs uses them all the time.
She has extremely fine hair.
She let me borrow them once...they were kind of heavy, but they sure did look good.
Pic one (she's on the right): without hair extensions
Pic two (she's on the right): with hair extensions

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Two of my friends are stylists and they use clip-ins on themselves all the time!!!!

I guess some brands and clips are more comfortable than others, do your research! I know Jenece was selling a certain brand for a while that was really comfy, she always makes us try out her random beauty crap at girls night. :) I'll see if I can find them on her website....

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sweet thx ladies

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make sure you get a stylist to cut the pieces so they blend into your hair.

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My friend didn't have them posted on her blog........she seriously needs to update her blog!!!!!! :) I emailed her to ask, I'll let you know if she writes back. Sorry!

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I wear them every day! Look on my profile the picture of me is with extensions. Let me know and I will send you before and after pictures if you want!

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I got clip ins for my wedding and it was one of the best decisions I made. I absolutely loved how my hair looked and I never would have been able to achieve such a look without them.

The ones I got cost about 100 dollars from Sally's, but are definitely re-usable. I don't know how much I will use them in every day wear, but I'm already planning to break them out again for my brother's wedding.

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I think I want them.... I just want the volume they give and I know I can't get it w/out
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