How to Shop for Wedding Shoes


By Devin Carroll

Some brides leave purchasing their wedding shoes to the last minute with the notion that their long gown will hide their feet. However, the shoes that you walk down the aisle in can affect how your dress falls, your comfort throughout the day, and how you get down on the dance floor. Whether you love shoes and plan on buying a pair from a top designer or you really haven’t thought about it yet, make sure you read below before you head out for hours of shameless shoe shopping. 


As the day goes on our feet swell, especially if we are on them for an extended period of time. On your wedding day you will have to walk down the aisle, stand confidently for the ceremony and for endless photographs, and finally, dance the night away! Your feet may swell and this is a big factor to consider when trying on wedding shoes. Make sure you go shopping at the end of the day so that you’re feet are at their biggest. Squeezing into tiny heels and developing blisters could put a damper on the reception. Also, if you plan on wearing hose or shapewear on your wedding day, bring the exact pair to try on your shoes with. 

The heel size and style also can affect your comfort level, but it can also alter your whole look. If you are not used to wearing high heels, then choose another day to experiment; one stumble or twist of the ankle is enough to ruin your day. However, if you want a little bit of height without reaching stiletto status, you could try a pair of lower, yet still classy, kitten heels or platforms. More and more brides are even opting for simple ballet flats; a great choice for brides whose ceremonies will take place on uneven ground like grass or sand. 

While a comfortable heel height is essential, the hem of your dress will ultimately be determined by your heel so be sure to plan ahead and have your shoes in place before your dress fitting. If you think that you might kick off your shoes later in the night, let the seamstress know beforehand so that she can adjust the gown to be worn with or without heels. This may involve letting the front part of your shoes to show so if you are wearing peep toe heels, make sure to schedule a pedicure before the wedding!

Before you choose your shoes, you should think about color. While many brides stick with white or ivory, a pop of color peeking out from under your dress could make for a fun surprise. If you're buying a colored shoe, go for satin to maintain that element of elegance. If you opt to go sans color, silk or satin are great choices to complement your dress; especially the bottom of it. Try to bring a swatch of fabric from your wedding gown and compare the two materials. Satin shoes and shiny fabrics look stunning together while crepe shoes accent matte satin gowns.

Keep in mind that while matching is important, balance is key. If you are wearing an elaborate, fancy gown, then perhaps you should go with a clean, classic shoe and vice versa. Shoe lovers may keep it simple when it comes to their gown and then treat themselves to a pair of embellished designer heels. Either way, your shoes should work well with your whole look without overdoing it. However, if you are determined to match perfectly, there is nothing wrong with coordinating crystals or rhinestones to go flawlessly with your bejeweled dress - after all, it is your day!

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