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Niece and nephew wanted as flower girl/ring bearer but sister wants to be with her boyfriend.
My sister is 26 yrs old and dating a guy for 6 months. They are serious at this point. She has a little girl 3 yrs old and a boy 1 yr old. I really want them in the wedding because my family has never had a big wedding before. My sister wants to leave her kids with the dates parents so that she can have an easier time. Her kids are so well behaved and actually kindof shy so I don't really see a problem. Ceremony is at 3pm and dinner is at 5pm so its an early wedding. I also asked her if she would at least bring them just for some morning pictures at noon with our photographer (since the girls will all be together). She says we can all go for a family portrait one day after the wedding. (I think that means she isn't bringing them and I feel a little upset about it). On the other hand my 2 other sisters are bringing their kids which also makes it obvious that this sister isn't participating. When she was single she brought her kids to other weddings also. ;( Opinions please...

Married: 09/25/2010
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Married: 09/10/2011
Sep 03, 2010 at 3:28 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
If the problem is that she would rather enjoy your wedding than chase her kids around (might be her irrational fear if they are as you say well behaved) suggest a "wedding sitter" there are plenty of services out there that will come to your event and entertain the kiddos while the adults enjoy being adults. Unless its something else that should convince her to bring them. Good Luck!
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Could she not have the children in your wedding ceremony and photos and then take the kids to her boyfriend's parents?

Married: 07/23/2011
Sep 04, 2010 at 11:49 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Well, I agree with you I don't see what the big deal is bringing them to the wedding. So, this is your niece and nephew and you want them to be in your wedding, did I get that right? I hope so, lol. If so, what I would do is try telling her something like "Oh, nevermind I found someone elses children to be in my wedding." (its kind of a reverse psychology thing) When she asks who tell make sure its someone she doesn't like or something and then she might get jealous and change her mind. I know it might sound kind of mean but, I've had to resort to doing something like that to someone before and it worked like a charm. Of course then I told them the truth afterward and she told me she understands and she forgives me so if you were to try this and it fails immediately tell her what you were trying to do so she understands and maybe she'll give in anyways.

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Sep 06, 2010 at 12:33 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
All you can do is express how much you wish they were there, suggest that they come at least for pictures the day of the wedding. If you wait a day to take the pictures as she suggested, it kind of takes away from the importance of the day & everyone looking their best. The 3 year old girl would make an adorable flowergirl but 1 year old is bit young to be a ringbearer. Is your sister a bridesmaid? If so, then I can see why she would not want them there for the ceremony & the reception. Maybe her boyfriends parents would be willing to come & pick them up after pictures? Just try your best but ultimately it is her decision whether or not they are there because she is the one responsible for them & their behavior. Maybe there's something else going on perhaps - cost of their attire perhaps?


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