The Gala Center
out of 5.0
Quality of Service:
(3.9 / 5.0)
(3.7 / 5.0)
(3.6 / 5.0)
(4.6 / 5.0)
(3.8 / 5.0)
  • Quality of Service: 4.5
  • Responsiveness: 4.5
  • Professionalism: 5.0
  • Value: 5.0
  • Flexibility: 5.0

The Gala Center was the perfect place for our wedding!! We utilized the entire building, so it was exclusively for us. We didn't have to hear other weddings or events going on around us. Mr. Dennis was very responsive and he kept the lines of communication open. This location along with our dynamite Coordinator/Decorator made our wedding spectacular! is the place to go, for all your wedding needs!! I would recommend the Gala Center for anyone looking for a great space at a reasonable price

  • Wedding: 09/28/2012
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
  • Quality of Service: 4.0
  • Responsiveness: 3.5
  • Professionalism: 3.5
  • Value: 4.0
  • Flexibility: 3.5

The Gala Center was a nice venue to have our wedding, which was reasonably priced. Although there are some areas within the facility that need to be touched up with a little paint, the faculty seemed to fit our needs. On our wedding day, the facility staff allowed us to set up early and was very ambitious in wanting to assist in any way they could. Would use the venue for future parties

  • Wedding: 09/22/2012
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
  • Quality of Service: 4.0
  • Responsiveness: 3.0
  • Professionalism: 4.0
  • Value: 5.0
  • Flexibility: 4.0

The venue was a great value for the cost. However, it was difficult to coordinate the extras that go along with planning a wedding like the rehearsal dinner and decorating because the venue is booked often and therefore was unavailable alot. I had to have my rehearsal early afternoon as that was the only time available the day before the wedding, which was extremely difficult because 90% of my wedding party was from out of town and was travelling on that Friday. The owner was otherwise very helpful throughout the process and did what he could to offer alternatives for rehearsal times and decorating options. I would recommend this venue to any bride on a tight budget or any person planning a party that needs lots of space.

  • Wedding: 03/05/2011
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
  • Quality of Service: 4.0
  • Responsiveness: 4.0
  • Professionalism: 2.5
  • Value: 5.0
  • Flexibility: 3.5

Overall, not a bad experience. The owner was flexible with me coming to the site to view and plan. His helpers, however, were much more helpful to me. I provided a set-up chart, however, my coordinator and her team had to re set-up because the original was wrong. Also, we ordered linens through the owner and we were told we could pay the day of. However when my fiance arrived there before the ceremony, (which was somewhere else), he was informed to pay the owner right then and there, making him late for the church. We had ample time to clean, and we just had to make sure the tables were clear. Their people made sure everything else was done. It was incredibly hot inside, not sure if this was because of all of the material of my dress, or because the air was not working properly. I think there should be more time allowed for set-up. We rented the entire center, both rooms, from 6 pm to 11 pm and were only given 2 hrs to set it up. I would have another event here, though I would make sure the owner and I were on the same page

  • Wedding: 08/06/2010
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
  • Quality of Service: 3.0
  • Responsiveness: 3.5
  • Professionalism: 3.0
  • Value: 4.0
  • Flexibility: 3.0

There was a miss communication of who was going to provide the linen. In addition, no one informed me that is was a twenty five charge for ice. I was in formed to wrap my event up at least 15 minutes early for the next event. The worker was breaking down the hall before my time was over. One of my guest had to pay for ice during my reception. The caterer provide warm tea instead of ice tea.

  • Wedding: 05/15/2010
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue