It’s definitely normal for brides to feel a bit scatterbrained while they’re wedding dress shopping. After all, it’s not every day where you’re trying on gowns covered in crystal embellishments that  cost more than what you currently pay for rent. Finding your wedding dress is an exciting and unique experience, so you’re likely to have a lot of different emotions and feelings throughout the process. But don’t freak out! We teamed up with Allure Bridals to bring you this totes comprehensive list of thoughts you’ll have during the appointment — so you’ll know you’re definitely not alone!

Trust us, these LOL-worthy thoughts are bound to pop up in your head while wedding dress shopping.

“My bridal entourage is #goals. I’m so happy they all could come wedding dress shopping with me today.”

“Ah, this store is giving me life and this couch is so comfortable. I may never get up.”

“Also, whatever candle is burning, I need it in my apartment ASAP.”

“I really hope I don’t get hangry when I’m trying on dresses. I knew I should have had a bigger breakfast.”

“But, at least this means I don’t have to wear my SPANX.”

“Ugh, actually, maybe I should have brought them.”

“I see like four gowns in the window. Where are all the wedding dresses?

“Oh, TG, there’s more racks of dresses in the back of the salon.”

“My bridal consultant is SO nice. I wish she could pick out my wardrobe for the rest of my life.”

“What the heck is a sleek silhouette? Or did she say sheath?”

“My wedding theme Is that a theme?”

“Maybe I should’ve listened to my future mother-in-law and brought one of those oversized binders filled with magazine clippings.”

“I literally will try on anything that makes me look like Meghan Markle.”

“Yas! I finally get to try on a wedding dress!”

“This changing room is way smaller than I thought.”

“My bridal consultant, who I just met five minutes ago, is going to help me get changed. Hope this isn’t awkward.”

“I knew I should have brought deodorant. The overhead lights are making me v hot.”

“At least the lighting will make me look good when I walk out.”

“Did she just say this dress was a size 24? I really don’t think I’m a size 24.”

“Oh, so sample sizes aren’t the same as regular sizes?”

“Anddd… this first dress is not what I was expecting.”

“Girl, I told you I don’t have Beyonce’s curves, a mermaid dress style is not going to look good on me.”

“What the heck are all these oversized chip clips for?

“Oh wait, actually, this doesn’t look too bad.”

“Just going to awkwardly shuffle outside to see what the rest of my crew says.”

“Aw, my mom looks so happy. But why is no one calling me Meghan Markle yet?”

“Okay, so no tears from my squad, but I do kinda like this silhouette. Let’s keep going.”

“I don’t even care anymore that my bridal consultant is seeing me strip down. I need to find my dress!”

“Oh, this next one is freakin’ gorgeous. I hope it looks just as good on.”

“How many oversized chip clamps does my bridal consultant have?”

“OMG, I think I just got goosebumps. And it has pockets?!”

“Deep breath, let’s see what everyone else thinks.”

“Oh no, my maid of honor is crying. She’s going to make...yep, now my mom is crying.”

“Am I crying? Why am I crying?”

“I’m really digging this floor-to-ceiling mirror.”

“Like, if I didn’t have these oversized chip clamps stuck on the back of me, I’d walk out of the store right now.”

OMG my consultant is adding a veil. Is this real life?”

“I don’t even care if no one has said I look like royalty. My fiancé(e) is going to love me in this gown.”

“Thank goodness my consultant has extra tissues, my mom can’t keep it together.”

“Ah, my college roomie just dropped a Meghan Markle hint. I knew I invited her for a reason.”

“Everyone is being so complimentary, I think this is it.”

“Wait, I know this is it. I look amaze right now, and I haven’t even washed my hair.”

“Yep, this is it. I’m going to say ‘Yes’ to the dress!”

“Now I just need to find my credit card….”