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12 Sex Gifts for Long Distance Couples

If you and your partner are separated by states—or even an ocean—these sex gifts for long distance relationships can spice up your partnership.

woman lying in bed holding a mobile device
Antonio Diaz/Shutterstock

woman lying in bed holding a mobile device
Antonio Diaz/Shutterstock

Keeping the romance alive is hard enough when you’re quarantined in the same house. So, maintaining the health of sex life when you’re states — or oceans — apart is a difficult challenge. However, it’s vital, especially since you don’t have those sweet moments of embrace throughout the day — like a mid-day hug or an afternoon romp — that other couples do. There are meaningful ways to build intimacy, connection and work up your heart-rate with sex gifts designed with long distance relationships in mind. From dual vibrators to lingerie ideal for a video chat striptease, consider these investments to get you through the time you’re apart:

esca 2 vibrator with cell phone app

OhMiBod Esca 2 Couples Vibrator

Even if your partner can’t tease you in-person, they can from afar with this smart toy and app. After you download the OhMiBod remote app and then pair it with this sex toy, your partner can ‘touch’ you as long as you’re connected to the internet. Think: the next time you’re engaging in dirty talk or role-play, your partner can match what they’d like to do with real action.

OhMiBod Esca 2 Couples Vibrator, $119, OhMiBod

pink vibrator with apple watch and cell phones

blueMotion NEX

Every couple finds common ground that attracts them to one another. If it’s music in your relationship, this may be the right match for your sex life. Also controlled by the OhMiBod app, this sex gift for long distance couples syncs to whatever song you put on, allowing you to groove together to the beat. Think: regardless if it’s Marvin Gaye or Drake that gets you in the mood, you can vibe in unison. 

OhMiBod blueMotion NEX, $129, OhMiBod

purple vibrator and ring


As a toy that can be used when you’re together or when you’re apart, this JimmyJane best-selling c-ring could be the latest addition that spices up your sex life. When you’re together, the ‘ears’ can face away from the scrotum, and your partner can use the remote control to increase the intensity. When you’re apart, he can turn it around for more solo-play action.

JimmyJane Deimos, $125, JimmyJane

purple vibrator

Zumio X 

Rather than using vibration, this unique toy uses rotation to stimulate. If you think about female oral sex, this makes more sense — and those tiny circles can maximize her orgasm. You can gift this device, and then over the phone or video chat, you can walk through exactly what you would do if you were in person while the toy mimics your description. And psst: it’s waterproof, so using in a bath makes the experience that much more pleasurable.

Zumio X Precision Personal Massager, $98, Amazon

sex dice in purple and pink

Foreplay Dice

You might think a pair of foreplay dice is the worst buzz kill of all if you can’t engage in the activities together, but it’s actually an opportunity to get creative. Since these are budget-friendly, you can each buy a pack and then take turns rolling them. If it says ‘massage thigh,’ you can do it to yourself while your partner watches. If it says ‘kiss lips,’ you can talk about your favorite ways to makeout. Then, when you’re reunited, you have plenty of ideas for your foreplay sessions.

Lovehoney Oh! Foreplay Dice, $10, Lovehoney

we've never but we will board game

We’ve Never But We Will Couples Game

For those duos who have been together forever, you may struggle to find new experiences to add to your romp bucket list. And, if you’re apart most of the time these days, it can be even more of a battle to use your imagination. This game, an ideal sex gift for long distance couples, may help. It featured 40 location cards, 40 erotic edibles and 40 fantasy or role-play cards. You can think something like: “Pretend we’re strangers at a beach resort’, and so on. You can keep one set at one home and then play from a distance. As you pull cards, you decide if it’s something you have done (go you!) or something to add to your must-try list. 

Kheper Games We've Never But We Will, $15, Amazon

white cube of massage oil candle

Afterglow Massage Oil Candle

Go ahead and buy two of these candles, and make a date night out of this gift idea. Here’s how: light the candle, order takeout for one another, open up a bottle of vino each, and have a long dinner. Then, transition into your sexy clothes — or ahem, nothing — and begin your sexy discussion. The oil candle is meant to be poured on the skin, so you can each do this and watch as you massage it across your stomach, chest and other areas. Of course, be careful — but let the erotic fantasies take flight, too.  

JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Oil Candle, $42, JimmyJane

white vibrator

Double Joy

As the name suggests, this sex gift for long distance couples offers double the action. Like other toys, you can use it with your partner or alone, making it dual-purpose. The u-shape design is meant to stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot simultaneously, so when you’re having x-rated chats together, your partner can share what he/she would like to experience. Or, when you’re apart, the vibrator is small enough for penetration to be enjoyed, too. 

Satisfyer Double Joy, $40, Satisfyer

woman lying on bed wearing headphones and looking at mobile device

Dipsea App  

After a while, coming up with interesting, sultry descriptions of your intended sex-capades could start to be monotonous. To the rescue is this app that features short-form steamy stories to empower your dirty talk. It also includes intimate wellness sessions that help you talk about intimacy, desire, satisfaction and more. 

Dipsea app, $48/year membership, Dispea

black vibrator

Emma Neo Wand Vibrator

When your partner shares where he/she is touching you as you walk through a role-play via phone or video, it doesn’t really compare to the real deal in person. However, with this interactive warming wand, you can roll it across various parts of your body as they describe. It’s also waterproof and features six vibrating modes, so it can take you from foreplay to climax. 

Svakom Emma Neo Wand Vibrator, $129, Lovers

blonde model wearing red bra

Le Mystere Lace Allure Unlined Bra and High-Waist Thong

Sure, since you chat all the time, you probably won’t dress up for every long-distance call. But every once in a while, feeling sexy can help you get in the mood, even from afar. This lacy number is equal-parts comfortable and racy, making it ideal for a long video affair. 

Le Mystere Lace Allure Unlined Bra and High-Waist Thong, $80, Bare Necessities

Box of House of Wise sex gummies with black and white packaging and three red gummies stacked in front

House of Wise Sex Gummies

Getting in the mood for physical intimacy with your S.O. can be a challenge when you're miles away from each other. That's where these genius CBD gummies from House of Wise come in. They contain a handful of natural, organic ingredients known to increase energy and stamina, improve concentration, and promote sexual desire. Send a pack to your partner as a gift (or treat yourself), give them a call, and take it from there.

House of Wise Sex Gummies, $90, House of Wise