woman giving mother's day gift

Though the year of your marriage is one you’ll never forget and your mind may be hyper-focused on the details, you can't forget to show appreciation for the ones you love. So when you have the opportunity to express how much the number one lady in your life means to you with a mother-of-the-bride gift, go for it. Show your mom how thankful you are to have her by your side through all of your relationship ups-and-downs. Thoughtful mother-of-the-bride gift ideas are even more essential during this hectic time.

Here, sweet mother-of-the-bride gift ideas to share with your mom during wedding planning.

A spa day for two

If she’s not busy following up with the seamstress for your dress, she’s answering countless calls and emails about the who-when-where-what with extended family—on your side and your soon-to-be spouse’s. You’re not sure how she does it all, and still manages to give you a cheerful smile when you’re stressed to the max. Give her what she needs the most: a killer massage—and time with you to talk about anything but the wedding. Make sure to opt for a spa location that has extra amenities—like saunas, steam rooms, pools and health bars—so she has time to soak up the zen before digging back into her to-do list.

A sentimental reminder of the period

Hopefully, you’ll never go through another season of wedding planning since you’d like to be with your partner forever. And likewise, you and your mom won’t be handwriting your invitation envelopes while drinking wine any other time in your life, either. To pay testament to the unique experience, consider a sentimental and personalized mother-of-the-bride gift idea. This might be a plaque with your wedding date on it, a personalized ‘Mother of the Bride’ gift she can wear around the house or while you’re getting ready on the big day, or another specific-to-her prize that’ll make her heart swell.

A diamond for her

Nope, not a diamond ring—but a mother’s ring that proposes how much she means to you. With your birthstone and that of your siblings if you have them, this just-for-mom piece of jewelry expresses much like rare jewels, she’s a one-of-a-kind lady that deserves the best of everything. Plus—then you can take a matching ring selfie to share on Instagram that’ll definitely get your double-tapping fans talking.

A throwback to childhood

Whether it’s a framed collage of all of your favorite memories with your mom or a photo of you putting on her wedding dress as a little girl and one of you wearing it now, this mother-of-the-bride gift idea helps ease the worries of your mom that you’ll forget about her post-marriage. While times have definitely changed and relationships between mothers and daughters continue to grow with age, every mom feels like a chapter is ending when their children begin their own families. Remind her that you’ll always be her family, no matter where life takes you.

A tasting dinner

Sure, she’s attended your tastings for your wedding—but what about a meal that’s just about her? For the mom who has nearly everything she could ever want and dislikes clutter, experiences are better mother-of-the-bride gifts than yet-another-something. Find a restaurant that she’s always wanted to dine at and set up a chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings. You can get dolled up together—even splurge on blowouts and makeup!—and hit the town. Not only will the vino help you release stress, but it gives you time to catch-up and strengthen your relationship.