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Don’t freak out if your mom doesn’t like your wedding dress. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you should wear something that makes you feel beautiful and confident. However, if you’re stuck in the middle of making your mother happy and also wearing a dress that gives you goosebumps, we’re here to help.

If your mom doesn’t like your wedding dress, here’s how to change her mind.

Hear her out

One of the first things you should do if your mom doesn’t like your wedding dress is simply listen. Allow your mom to express her concerns, and try not to interrupt her. This will help avoid any unnecessary fights and will let your mother know that you value her opinion. Once you figure out why she doesn’t like the wedding dress, you can work together on finding the best option to make sure she loves the way you look on the big day.

Make sure it’s “the one”

Trying on a few additional wedding dress styles will ensure that you know your gown is “the one”, and also allows your mom to see a few looks that she likes. Even if the gown your mom hates gives you all the feels, it’s a good idea to try on at least one more style just for peace of mind. Also, remember a dress that looks less-than-appealing on the hanger may actually look amazing on. Trying on a few other dress styles could either change your mind about a style that your mom loves or could sway her opinion about the dress you originally picked out, once she realizes how great it looks compared to other gowns.

Customize your look

You can easily alter and customize your gown to help achieve a look and feel that your mom will love. Find out exactly what your mom doesn’t like about your dress and work with a local seamstress or tailor on making adjustments. You can add some illusion lace to a too-sexy-for-mom deep v-neckline or even opt for detachable sleeves for a more classic and mom-approved look. Find out what areas of your dress your mother doesn’t particularly like and then work together to create a look you both love.


Sometimes a wedding dress just needs a few accessories to win your mom’s approval. You can easily add definition to your waist or some sparkle with the help of a crystal-embellished sash or belt. And wearing a veil or other headpiece (maybe “something borrowed” from your mom!) can be a game-changer. Removable coverage—like a jacket or cape—also can help you change up your dress’ look for the ceremony. Just talk to your bridal stylist about ways you can dress up your dream gown and find a piece that your mom also likes.


Change up your look

If your mom is really pushing for a different wedding dress, then you could opt for an outfit change at your wedding. Switching up your look from ceremony to reception has been a popular choice for brides who want two different bridal looks on their big day. You can wear a more traditional or mom-approved gown to the ceremony and then change into something that’s more fun for the reception.

Get a second opinion

So, your mom doesn’t like your wedding dress, but does your maid of honor or other loved ones hate it too? Getting another opinion about your gown from someone who you respect and trust could help change your mother’s mind. If everyone in the family adores the dress and keeps talking it up, perhaps your mom will start to see the gown in a new light and come around.

Come to a compromise

If all else fails and your mom still doesn’t like your wedding dress, try and come to a compromise. Whether that be changing your look or sitting down and explaining all the reasons why you love the dress, having a discussion with her will take some of the stress off of your shoulders. And remember, it’s your wedding day and your mom just wants what is best for you.