bachelorette party

When you’re in your 20s, you’re ready to party and figuring out how to throw a bachelorette party is a piece of cake. You miss your college days, and are looking forward to reliving them. Sending (or receiving) that bachelorette invite gets you excited, whereas in your 30s, you might feel a sense of dread. Now, a lot of your friends are new moms, have fast-paced careers, live far away, or are still struggling financially from student loan debt.  It’s hard enough to catch up with them over coffee, let alone for a whole weekend. The good news is, they don’t have to click “can’t come” on your RSVP evite. 

We’ll show you how to throw an amazing bachelorette party, even if your gang is juggling motherhood, work commitments, travel, and finances.

Make it a daylong celebration.

While a long destination weekend might not be in the cards due to work responsibilities or the heavy price tag it usually involves, you can still have an extravagant night on the town with multiple stops. If you’re wondering how to throw a bachelorette party on a Saturday, you could even make it an all-day affair rather than just an evening event. Sleep in, and start your festivities with brunch at one of your favorite restaurants.

Plan an afternoon activity.

After you’ve had your fill of mimosas and Bloody Marys, have your girls plan a fun afternoon activity. Depending on where you live, the time of year, and your personal interests, this could include a trip to a beautiful winery, a spa day, a paint and sip party, a tour of your local city, or a mini cruise for a “last sail before the veil.”

Drink elegantly.

After you finish your fun activity fit for a 30-something-year-old, plan a dinner at an upscale restaurant, with low-key bar hopping afterwards. If you don’t want to relive your early 20s where cheap bars were the norm, select a sophisticated wine bar, or a fun establishment with every kind of margarita you can think of. Plus, if you do want to reminiscence about the years before spouses, babies, and careers, you can throw back a few tequila shots for old times’ sake. 

Let the ladies pick and choose their activities.

This series of events allows your besties to pick and choose what they’d like to do. Maybe bar hopping is not a possibility, because they’ll be up in the middle of the night with an infant, or they have to work the next day, but they can still attend your awesome activity and dinner. On the other hand, if you have a friend that can’t swing an expensive dinner, she could still meet you at the bar for a beer.

Be the opposite of a bridezilla.

An action-packed celebration is also great for your friends that live out of town. If they’re able to fly or drive in for your day-long affair, they can spend the rest of the weekend catching up with you one-on-one. Your bachelorette is of course all about you, but keeping your friends' interests or concerns in mind, make you the type of bride that everyone will want to toast.

New moms in the group? Help ‘em out.

If your BFF is nursing, make sure that there are private, comfortable, and clean areas where she can pump if needed. Give her enough advanced notice before the bachelorette party so that she can arrange for her partner or a sitter to take care of her little one, and she can let her hair down for a fun-filled evening.