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8 Subtle Ways to Show Your Pride at Your Wedding

For couples who are looking for fun ways to show their LGBTQ pride during the wedding, here are some subtle ideas.

rainbow wedding cake gay wedding ideas

LGBTQ weddings have certainly evolved in the years since the Supreme Court of the United States recognized marriage equality. Still, that shouldn’t (and doesn’t) stop same-sex couples from finding all kinds of gay wedding ideas and creative ways to fly the flag and show their pride at their wedding. Whether it’s a small, hidden detail that only you can see, or it’s an extravagant and public way to support the LGBTQ community, there are tons of ways couples can add some LGBTQ spirit to upcoming nuptials!

Here are 8 super-cute and subtle ways to show your LGBTQ pride!

gay wedding ideas rainbow mustache

Send your guests home with rainbow favors

What to do about wedding favors? It’s a question that vexes many couples who want to leave their guests with a fun, memorable and useful treat. If want to make sure your guests will never forget your wedding and keep the pride going long after the vows are exchanged, try a rainbow-inspired wedding favor, like these fun rainbow mustaches.

gay wedding ideas rainbow wedding cake

Slice into a rainbow cake

Why not request a cake that’s as beautiful inside as it is outside? If you’re planning on a traditional fondant or textured buttercream cake, using each layer to represent a color of the traditional Gay Pride flag is a great way to make a splash! Since the 1970s, the rainbow flag is the one of the most popular ways to show support for the LGBTQ community, with six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) that each stand for the diversity of gender representation and sexual orientation.

purple shoes gay wedding ideas

Rock a pair of purple sneakers

While rainbows get lots of love in the LGBTQ community, we can’t forget about the color purple as another classic symbol of pride and solidarity. Many brides and grooms choose shades of violet as their wedding colors, but even if you don’t, there’s always room to add pair of classic Purple Chuck Taylors to your wedding attire, or sneak in another purple detail to show your pride.

gay wedding ideas colorful bouquet

Arrange a colorful bouquet or boutonnière

Most wedding bouquets are an array of gorgeous florals in different shades, but if you’re looking to up the pride factor in your bouquet, look specifically for shades or red, yellow, blue, purple, green and blue to represent the LGBTQ rainbow flag. Don’t feel pressure to jam all six shades into your bouquet, but selecting shades of three or four that will match well with your overall wedding decor is enough for your guests to get the idea. Boutonnières are much smaller than bouquets, so you may only want to choose two shades of the rainbow. Securing your bouquet or boutonnière with a rainbow tie is another great way to represent the LGBTQ community.

gay wedding ideas rainbow pin

Place a rainbow pin inside your attire

The shades of the rainbow can be really bold and notoriously difficult to blend with other aspects of your wedding decor, so if a bolder display of rainbow or purple won’t work with your wedding vision, think about placing a small pin or button inside your suit jacket or gown. This small gesture may not be seen by guests, but if you’re itching to include some LGBTQ pride in your wedding, it’ll definitely do the trick.

gay wedding ideas rainbow balloons

Say it with balloons

What’s a celebration without balloons? A colorful array of balloons that represent the colors of the LGBTQ rainbow flag (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) is a fantastic and subtle way to show off your love of the community. If these balloons don’t quite match your wedding vision, you could think about including them in your rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch decor as a way to grab some great photos with the rainbow balloons.

gay wedding ideas rainbow
CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography

Behind-the-scenes photo opportunity

It’s likely that your wedding album will include shots of some behind-the-scenes action, as well as photos of the ceremony and reception. As you’re getting ready, there are lots of opportunities to grab a pride-filled photo by placing your wedding rings, shoes, invitations or other item next to a rainbow flag to remind you of the day.

gay wedding ideas rainbow flag

Grab a rainbow flag!

While there are lots of subtle ways to show your support for the LGBTQ community, wrapping yourself in a rainbow flag is a one that really makes a statement! If you’re looking to be out and proud at your wedding, consider having a big rainbow flag on-hand for photo opportunities with your love!