vegetable crudite hors d'oeuvres

Photo: Morgan Marie Photography

Sure, you could consider your wedding a cheat day and eat whatever you want, but it's entirely possible to have a wedding menu that’s not only delicious, but also healthier than the norm. Making slight tweaks to your menu can also be helpful to those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

We asked caterers from around the country to share easy ways to make your wedding menu a bit healthier.

Rethink the bread and butter on the table. Gluten free bread is a wonderful alternative for not only bread with salad but also easy to use for crostinis and other appetizers. Benecol is a delicious substitution for butter and easy to use for butter rosettes.” —Adriana Toscano of Jason’s Catered Events in Orange, California

“Focus on local proteins. Since they are local, we get them at maximum freshness and we can let the flavors speak for themselves instead of having to cover things up with heavy sauces or make up for a lack of flavor because it was frozen and sent here. Washington chicken or fresh Pacific Northwest Salmon are gifts to healthy eating!” —Anna Gordon of Crescent Moon Catering in Port Orchard, Washington

“You can pack a lot of healthy, colorful flavor into interesting vessels and spaces. A nutritious farm-to-food station experience might include a beautiful kale salad section, raw bar, veggies and hummus dips that add protein & fiber too. Fresh sauces made from vegetables are fantastic at grilled chicken and salmon stations. Build-your-own quinoa bowl with condiments of roasted veggies and grilled proteins are an interactive, healthy way to satisfy everyone on the guest list.” —Jodie Fry of Above All Catering & Events in Anaheim, California

“If clients are looking for a healthy food station with an element of performance, we offer a fun mason jar salad station where chefs freshly prepare a variety of salads for guests.” —Angela Dusold of Mintahoe Catering & Events in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Turn meat dishes into vegetarian dishes without sacrificing flavor. We’ve created buffalo cauliflower instead of buffalo wings, tofu tikka skewers instead of chicken, and even soyrizo lasagna. They taste like the real thing, and guests don’t even realize they’ve had a vegetarian dish!” —Greg Welburn of Summit Event Catering in Fullerton, California

“We prepare all of our chicken entrées with rice flour, thus creating a healthy and gluten-free alternative that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.” —Jerry Kane of Kane’s Catering in Saint Paul, Minnesota

"We often direct clients who desire a healthier menu to think 'farm to table.' We’ll gather some of the favorite vegetables and salad ingredients to incorporate into their menu. Local watermelon and cantaloupe also make fantastic appetizers and salads. Other healthy ideas include some of our hearty grain options such as our quinoa salad with roasted vegetables and olive oil.” —Susie Plank of Greens Point Catering in Longmont, Colorado

“Opt for roasted root vegetables, like sweet potatoes, beets, turnips and red onions, instead of heavier starches like mashed potatoes or rice. The veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals and don't have the heavy dairy in them. Also ask what kind of oil your caterer uses. Instead of corn or soybean oil to request an olive, grapeseed, or sunflower oil as these are normally non-GMO's and have more antioxidants and health benefits.” —Steve Berrett of Bella Donna Catering in Northridge, California

“Alcohol and dessert can really add calories to your wedding menu. Choose skinny cocktails, fruit-infused water and iced teas, over sugary drinks and sodas. Finish with a gorgeous fresh fruit dessert.” —Phyllis Fischer of Ray’s Boathouse, Café and Catering in Seattle, Washington