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6 Bachelor Party Games the Whole Crew Will Love

Whether you're staying close to home or planning a getaway, these bachelor party games are perfect for any celebration.

man wearing sunglasses holding a red cup

man wearing sunglasses holding a red cup

Bachelor party on the horizon? Since you can’t spend the whole thing dreaming of your future spouse, and probably shouldn’t spend the entire thing guzzling beer, consider one or a few of these fun, silly and downright hilarious bachelor party games (yes, some of them are drinking games!) to pass the time with your best buds. Whether for friendly competition, weathering those epic hangovers, or just making memories you’ll never forget, these party game ideas are the best bachelor party ideas around (besides Vegas, strippers, and party buses, that is).

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Personalized Scavenger Hunt

If you’re feeling creative, why not DIY a scavenger hunt themed around either the groom-to-be himself (or the entire friend group!) or the location of the party? It doesn’t have to be elaborate to make an impact, and the memories you guys will make while on the hunt just might be some of the best from the whole weekend! To do it, choose a theme, plot out an easily navigable area, create a list of clues, and be sure to give yourself (and any of your accomplices) plenty of time to hide clues. Don’t forget to decide on a prize—it could be silly (like a homemade trophy) or genuinely awesome (like dibs on the best bed in the bachelor party rental house!). Scavenger hunts take longer than your average bachelor bash game, so make sure you work it into the day’s itinerary. And if possible, build an opportunity to imbibe into the hunt. It just might be more fun with beers (but even without, it’s bound to be a blast). Feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating your own scavenger hunt? Do some ahead-of-time googling in the location of the party—many popular party cities have companies that’ll host hunts for you and your gang!

Truth or Dare Jenga

As an icebreaker bachelor party game for an event with friends from all over who might not know each other well, or as a hilarious romp for lifelong best friends, this risque spin on a classic is sure to have any bachelor party howling. To make it happen, grab a Jenga set ahead of time and write questions (for “truths”) and tasks (for “dares”) on one long side of each brick. Once the tower is stacked, the truths and dares will be hidden, so each brick-pull will be a surprise! If you want to morph this into a drinking game, feel free to make some of the dares drink-oriented. Or you can customize the game to the bachelor party, with truths and dares related to the party’s theme or area (e.g., if you’re at a lakeside lodge, skinny dipping in the lake is a must-dare!). Find more fun ideas and inspiration online so you can get the maximum bang from every brick. As a grand finale, whoever makes the tower tumble has to do the ultimate dare (or tell the ultimate truth!) as chosen by the groom (or best man, if the groom ends up being the tower-tumbler!). Worried about any possible physical or psychological damage from truth or dare? How responsible are you! Switch out truths and dares for trivia questions about the groom and his future spouse to make the game a tad bit more low-key.

Beer Pong

Why not resuscitate this college classic for the bachelor party—especially since many of the party attendees likely met as beer pong partners so many years ago? To play (in case those co-ed memories are, ahem, hazy), grab a table-like surface (card table in the backyard would be ideal, you know, for spillage protection, but even a kitchen island will work!), arrange ten plastic cups (get some custom-printed for the party to double as awesome party favors) in a pyramid on either edge of the table, so the bottom of the pyramid is in line with the edge of the table, fill each cup with beer (or the drink of your choice, or water, and just make sure everyone has a drink of their own), then grab a couple of ping pong balls and divide into teams. Each team takes turns tossing the ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. If the ball lands in a cup, the opposing team has to drink what’s in the cup (or take a set number of sips of their beer), and then that cup is removed. The team who clears the opposing team’s cups first is the winner. And the losers? They get drunk. And so everyone wins, don’t forget to fill a basin with water to rinse the balls between tosses—you’re adults now!

Groom Bingo

Rather than your average sit-down board game or card game, go for the long con with a bingo game that spans the entire party. To bring this fun bachelor party game to life, plan ahead. Get online and find a printable template to create custom bingo cards filled with “groom-isms”—these can range from the groom’s favorite catchphrases, to landmarks and objects related to him that you’ll see while at the party, his favorite clothes and accessories he’d never leave home without (like that Red Sox cap!), and beyond. Any word, gesture or thing that is just so him. Print a card for each bachelor party attendee, and pass them out as soon as everyone arrives at the party. Instruct guests to check off every time the groom says, wears or does, or anytime they see, anything on the card. The first one to mark off a whole row gets “BINGO,” and wins a sweet prize (like free breakfast on the last morning!). To plus this game up, have the bingo cards printed on custom t-shirts–they'll double as cheeky party favors from the weekend.

Cards Against Humanity

No DIYing required for this new-favorite, fill-in-the-blank card game that will basically guarantee one of the funniest experiences of the entire bachelor party. Just grab the game, tuck it into your weekend bag and poof, party officially started. What, exactly makes this game so bachelor party-perfect? The sheer nonsense of it all! Gameplay is simple: One person draws black card and everyone gets ten white cards—these remain secret to everyone else. Everyone but the dealer selects a white card from their secret stash that  they believe to be the best, funniest response to the topic on the black card. The dealer decides whose response is the most LOLworthy, and that person wins the round and keeps the black card. The person with the most black cards by the end of the game wins. It sounds like nothing special, but both the topics and responses will have you seriously cracking up, especially because they’ll bring out the weirdest, wackiest sides of even the shyest of groomsmen.

Flip Cup

Beer pong's gymnast cousin, Flip Cup is another classic party game that combines cups, tables and, yep, beer, for endless entertainment (or at least, a 30-rack's worth). To play this bachelor party game with a group, divide into two teams and line upon either side of a long table or counter. Set up a plastic cup in front of each player, and fill it with a few fingers of beer (or any drink of your choice). Starting at one end, the players across from each other will race to chug the beer, then, placing the cups so the bottoms hang a few centimeters off the edge of the table, players use their fingertips to flip the cups 360-degrees and try to land them back, rightside-up. Once a player lands their flip, the next player in line repeats the process. Whichever team makes it all the way down the line first, wins. You can also play elimination-style, kicking players out who are unable to flip within three tries, and working your way down to one ultimate champ. See, you totally can work a workout into your busy stag party schedule.