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7 Things NOT to Do at Your Bridal Shower

Keep the below list in mind to ensure that both you and your guests have an amazing time and your bridal shower is memorable—for the right reasons.

Bridal shower guests with drinks

Even though your bridal shower is all about celebrating YOU, it's important to remember a few bridal shower etiquette rules during the festivities. Of course, you'll want to have the best bridal shower ever, but it's important to consider your family members and friends as well.

To keep spirits up at your pre-wedding party, avoid these bridal shower etiquette faux pas.

Don't…Stick With Your Clique

You’re probably super-psyched to celebrate with your besties, but remember—there are other guests who want to spend time with you, too. Be sure to spread the love throughout the festivities, and try to say hello to each guest in attendance—yes, including your surly Great Aunt Bess.

Don't…Overdo the Beverages 

For some people, the answer to the question “what do you do at a bridal shower” can be summed up in one word: Drink! If alcohol is being served at your shower, try to limit your intake. You’ll want to be fully present for the whole event (and remember it!) so be mindful of the mimosas! And don’t forget to eat so you’re not celebrating on an empty stomach.

Don't…Go Overboard With Social Media

Your guests want to see your beautiful smile—not your head buried in your phone. Save the Instagram and Snapchat for after the shower (don’t forget to use your wedding hashtag!), and be present for the actual event.

bridal shower flower wall

Don't…Turn Your Nose Up at Games or Activities

So perhaps a toilet paper wedding dress contest isn’t your idea of a good time, and neither is sitting on a giant decorated throne or wearing a hat made of ribbons. Be a good sport and take part in all of the event’s planned activities with a smile on your face. Your wedding party and/or family members likely worked hard to plan your shower, so be a gracious guest of honor and take part in every activity with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.

Don't…Be Critical 

There is absolutely no need for you to criticize any aspect of your bridal shower. Even if the event isn’t exactly what you imagined or things seem a little disorganized, keep your mouth shut, smile, and go with the flow. Also, avoid comparing your shower to others you’ve attended—this is your special day, so enjoy it!

Don't…Show Any Sign of Disappointment or Confusion During the Gift Opening

During a bridal shower, the guest of honor usually opens gifts publicly. You’ll probably receive many gifts that you’re genuinely excited about, but you may also receive gifts that are a bit random or that you want to return immediately. Remember that all eyes are on you, so you’ll need to act appreciative and thrilled each and every time you open a gift. Look directly at each gift-giver and thank them with a smile.

Don't…Forget to Say "Thank You"—A Lot

You’ll likely find yourself saying those two little words a lot during your bridal shower. From the hosts to the guests, be sure to thank everyone frequently. And after the event, be sure to write thank-you notes to each attendee, preferably within two weeks. It’s also a nice gesture to buy small gifts for the hostesses (if you need ideas, we've got 'em) to show your appreciation.