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10 Wedding Flowers You've Never Heard Of

Here are 10 stunning under-the-radar flowers you need to know about right now!

dianthus bouquet

dianthus bouquet

Photo: Megan Noll Photography

Peonies, garden roses, and dahlias get a lot of time in the spotlight and, while we adore those popular blooms just as much as the next girl, some of the lesser-known wedding flowers are definitely worth talking about.

pink gloriosa lily bouquet

Photo: Jenny DeMarco Photography

Gloriosa Lily
Also known as fire lilies, these vibrant perennials will add an exotic edge to your arrangements.

pincushion protea bouquet

Photo: Bluella Photography

Pincushion Protea
These South African flowering plants remind us of fireworks!

white bouquet

Photo: Happy Confetti Photography

Blushing Bride Protea
The pointed, layered petals come in classic bridal hues like ivory and blush.


Photo: Alisandra Photography

A unique spiky blossom, this flower comes in many colors and is available year-round.

muscari bouquet

Photo: Watson Studios

These low-maintenance spring bulbs are also known as grape hyacinths because of their distinct shape and color.


Photo: Paige + Blake

These purple, perfectly round "Dr. Seuss" flowers would make a lovely addition to a whimsical wedding.

green trick dianthus bouquet

Photo: Megan Noll Photography

Green Trick Dianthus
These fuzzy green flowers resemble grass or moss and are a great addition to an eco-friendly aesthetic.

pieris bouquet

Photo: Erin Johnson Photography

Add these delicate bell-shaped blooms to your bouquet for an airy, enchanted garden look.


Photo: Alisandra Photography

Also a called pincushion flower (not to be confused with pincushion protea!), these sweet little perennials come in delicious colors like deep burgundy, cornflower blue, and pale purple.

viburnum bouquet

Photo: Riverland Studios

This fragrant spring shrub flower is distinguished by round fluffs, similar to a small hydrangea.