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Where did you get your earrings?

Mrs.Miller, on May 12, 2014 at 11:53 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 54
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I want to see your blings ! it is hard to get earring online without actually matching with my dress how did you buy it?


  • Amber
    Dedicated June 2014
    Amber ·

    I was just wondering the same thing! I am currently looking on amazon for some cheaper but quality looking ones and so far I have found two that I like.

  • NoPurple
    Super August 2014
    NoPurple ·

    I like to stalk etsy and for potential wedding day jewelry. Bhldn is having a sale right now.

  • Brady
    Expert May 2014
    Brady ·

    Got a bunch of pairs because I'm not sure what I want.

    Got most at Charming Charlie:

    And also Ruche has some good stuff if you like gold/vintage looking:

  • F
    Super September 2014
    FutureMrsE ·

    I found this set for my bridesmaids and I on etsy!!

  • The Mrs R
    Master May 2014
    The Mrs R ·

    Here's my earrings (and bracelet). They're from DB. I wanted dangly earrings that had rhinestones and pearls (to match my dress).

  • Annie & Javi
    Master October 2015
    Annie & Javi ·

    I plan to get the earrings below from Macy's. I've been watching to see if they ever go on sale.

    My gown is actually pretty plain, all white lace with no other detailing, so I knew anything would match.

  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·

    Mine are from DB

  • Samantha
    VIP August 2014
    Samantha ·

    Icing by Claires

  • Kelly O'Brien
    Savvy July 2014
    Kelly O'Brien ·

    Thrift Shop! Only got 20 bucks in ma pocket...

  • Kelly O'Brien
    Savvy July 2014
    Kelly O'Brien ·

    Fake diamonds and all, but it came in a whole set, bracelet, necklace and earrings, that look stunning, but were only $25!

  • Abby
    VIP November 2013
    Abby ·

    I wanted blue Topaz earrings to match a ring I was wearing. I finally found a pair that looked just like the ring on!

  • Calcat
    Devoted July 2014
    Calcat ·

    Charming Charlies.

  • KayDwitWill
    Master May 2015
    KayDwitWill ·

    Here is my jewelry. I got it off Etsy.

  • Gamecock Mrs.
    Master October 2014
    Gamecock Mrs. ·

    EBay for like $8.

  • MonkeysandBananas
    Super May 2014
    MonkeysandBananas ·

    Mine were custom made at a jewler. I couldn't find the right earrings to go with my necklace and bracelet.

  • Julia Beth
    VIP July 2014
    Julia Beth ·

    I was going to wear a pair of chandelier earrings I bought years ago and wore as a bridesmaid. And then I saw another pair on Etsy and that plan went out the window!

  • Jules
    Master January 2014
    Jules ·

    Aurora Bridal Boutique on etsy. I actually bought them before I was engaged because I loved them so much, shhh!

  • FutureMrsZottola
    Master July 2015
    FutureMrsZottola ·

    Got my entire set from Etsy! Great jewelry everyone!

  • FutureMrsZottola
    Master July 2015
    FutureMrsZottola ·

    I got my BM jewelry at JcPenney.

  • .
    Master October 2013
    .... ·

    Freaking Claire's. Or the Icing maybe. I can't remember.

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