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February 25, 2023

283days 14hrs : 29min
Photographer gratuity question
Kristen, on February 16, 2022 at 7:28 AM

I know it’s typical to tip your photographer for the wedding, but how about for the engagement shoot? The engagement shoot is part of our wedding photography package.

Carissa, Feb 16, 2022 7
Wedding dress help!!!!
Felecia, on February 9, 2022 at 11:43 AM

Good morning! I need help my wedding dress needs a low bra but I’m busty and can’t find any that hold my size or support the weight anyone have any recommendations? My dress definitely needs the...

Lindsay, Feb 12, 2022 12
Videographer/ Photobooth
Amairani, on February 9, 2022 at 8:20 AM

I keep contemplating about hiring a videographer. My fiancé says he doesn’t care much for it and prefers only a photographer, but I keep hearing about people regretting not getting one. I was all for...

Pat, Feb 10, 2022 8
What’s better? Airbrush makeup or the traditional?
Anaiz, on February 9, 2022 at 12:43 AM

What’s better? I have heard that airbrush makeup lasts longer and is better for those that have oily skin. Or would it be just better to hire someone that does makeup freelancer such as MUA?

Brenda, Feb 10, 2022 11
fh family too involved?
Morgan, on February 8, 2022 at 9:58 PM

My FH and I are paying for 98.9% of our own wedding. We are 25 and want a super trendy, relaxed and romantic wedding. My FH aunt is VERY formal and has unlimited funds. His aunt has offered to pay for...

Jacks, Feb 10, 2022 8
Can i pay for my own bridal shower if no one else can?
Jennifer, on February 8, 2022 at 3:24 PM

Hi everyone, My wedding date is 5/12/23 and I am just at the beginning stages of planning. I already have my bridal party together and my sister is my maid of honor but my fiance and I are paying for...

Private User, Feb 22, 2022 17 1
To bail or not to bail as a bridesmaid??
Mommatobe32, on February 8, 2022 at 9:58 PM

Where do I start??? I was ask to be a bridesmaid in May for a following years wedding in September. I gladly accepted since my best friend and I have been friends for ten plus years ( our friendship...

Kasey, Feb 10, 2022 5
How to incorporate my brother in my wedding!!
Tori, on February 7, 2022 at 9:25 AM

So my fiancé officiated his brothers wedding a few years back and now his brother is officiating our wedding, which I’m completely okay with! Our wedding is less than 45 people, and we have no bridal...

Jmz, Feb 8, 2022 5
How to offer a way to bow out
Amanda, on February 5, 2022 at 10:20 AM

Hey y'all! I'm getting married on September 17 this year. My niece got married on 1/8/22. I recently found out she's pregnant and due 3 days after my wedding date, but my sister has said they will...

Amanda, Feb 7, 2022 11
Samantha, on February 7, 2022 at 8:47 AM

When he snores ALLL night, then has the nerve to say HE'S tired haha. Anyone else marrying a snorer? How do you deal??

Pirate & 60s Bride, Feb 7, 2022 17 1
Ring bearer and flower girl
Madeline, on February 4, 2022 at 12:01 PM

Hello! I really am not sure how this will plan out. I have a flower girl whom is about 2, and a ring bearer who’s about 20. I don’t really know other kids, or adult for a flower girl, and the ring...

Madeline, Feb 4, 2022 6 1
First dance song! Please help
Katherine, on February 4, 2022 at 12:40 PM

My wedding is one week away & we still don’t have a first dance song! We aren’t attached to any song in particular. Please send suggestions

Sloane, Feb 5, 2022 12 2
Bridesmaid Dresses and Cost
Lakisha, on February 4, 2022 at 12:01 PM

Hey ladies. If you don’t mind sharing the price of your Bridesmaid dresses, that would help me a lot. I’m trying to be mindful of the cost and keep in mind everyone doesn’t think like me. When I was...

devotedlydavis, Feb 11, 2022 31
Savannah, on February 3, 2022 at 8:22 PM

Hi, my questions are, how do i create my vow? Do I just write down what my heart tells me to write? does it have to rhyme like a poem? Do I have to create one?

Elycia, Feb 4, 2022 5 1
I’m 25 and i no longer think i want a wedding anymore.
Wess, on February 3, 2022 at 1:02 PM

We’ve set a date and started the process. Growing up I’ve never been the type to imagine my wedding . Now that I’m here the more and more we do I no longer want a wedding. I realized I only want a...

Kristen, Feb 4, 2022 5
Question / Advice / Guidance Needed! (getting ready location & transportation)
Jakki, on February 3, 2022 at 1:17 PM

please disregard my typo above lol *transportation* This may be a stupid question, but for brides that ARE NOT getting ready at the hotel they'll be staying at their wedding night, how do you plan on...

Sarah, Feb 5, 2022 4 1
2022 Brides what is your thought on Favors?
Stacy, on February 3, 2022 at 9:28 AM

I have a lot of people telling me not to worry about favors. I also saw a couple of tiktoks with past brides saying their guest did not care about the favors! I am sooo torn, not knowing if I should...

Taylor, Feb 25, 2022 113 7
Unique wedding touches
Amanda, on February 3, 2022 at 11:02 AM

What are some unique things you are doing at your wedding? One of the things we want to do is after the ceremony we want to go and just take a moment for ourselves. No cameras, no wedding party, and...

Tasha, Feb 12, 2022 21 1
How to gently cancel wedding photographer?
Alyssa, on February 3, 2022 at 12:34 PM

Hi everyone! I'm wanting to cancel my contract with my original wedding photographer and I'm not a confrontational person, so I'm trying to figure out how to word the email gently. We had to move our...

Alyssa, Feb 4, 2022 11
Millennials & Gen Z, i have a question...
bevbabe, on February 2, 2022 at 8:38 PM

Would you mind if you went to a destination wedding and found out the bride and groom were legally married before the ceremony? While searching this topic, I found a lot of responses saying they would...

Charlotte, Mar 1, 2022 38
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