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"We're not just creating Events, We're creating the Perfect Experience."

Perfect Planning Events is an award-winning wedding planning company located in Washington, D.C. that also services the local area, including Maryland and Virginia. At Perfect Planning Events the motto is “we’re not just creating events, we’re creating the perfect experience.” Couples are all provided with adequate attention, time and care to ensure a unique event for their wedding celebration.

Tara Melvin is the energetic and personable creator of Perfect Planning Events. She always had a knack for planning parties, and continuing into college, she used that intrinsic ability to plan and execute a flawless graduation ceremony. Now, after more than a decade of professional event planning experience, Tara has developed Perfect Planning Events into a highly celebrated and recommended wedding and event planning company.

Services Offered
Tara is known for executing events like a total boss! She has a number of services that will ensure you and your guests experience an extraordinary and personalized wedding. Some of the services offered include:

  • Budget analysis
  • Event design
  • Guest list
  • Referrals
  • To-do list
  • Day-of coordination
  • Full planning
  • Partial planning
  • Timelines

Categories: Wedding Planner

Regions serviced: Washington DC

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65 Reviews for Perfect Planning Events

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I cannot say enough how AWESOME Tara and her team were. Leading up to the wedding Tara went above and beyond to answer any questions and quell my anxieties. No matter what time of day or night she was there to answer questions, review contracts and come up with solutions for the last minute catastrophes that happen with a wedding. The day of her team was seamless... if anything went wrong I did not know it... It was beautiful and fun and despite my trying to manage it.. when I finally relaxed and just got married I had blast. Everyone told us how amazing the party was and I owe so much of that to Tara and her team!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you .. I almost wish I could get married 50 more times just to have to work with Tara again....

Profile Picture Shaketta, 9/29/17, 2 Reviews
Category: DJ, Officiant, Wedding Planning

There are a million and one cliches I could use to describe our experiences with Tara during this year-long process. However, no superlative can begin to express my respect for her work-ethic, continuous positive "state of mind" and the dedication and commitment she expressed toward my daughter at EVER turn. Tara is truly a rare professional with the patience of JOB. I am so very, very happy to have been introduced and worked with her. Tara is worth every penny and more .. I offered to pay more because she was so awesome. You will find no one on the planet better to be your wedding coordinator -- I guarantee you!!! #MOB

Photo of Perfect Planning Events in McLean, VA
Photo of Perfect Planning Events in McLean, VA
Photo of Perfect Planning Events in McLean, VA
Photo of Perfect Planning Events in McLean, VA
Photo of Perfect Planning Events in McLean, VA
Photo of Perfect Planning Events in McLean, VA
Profile Picture Vera, 9/29/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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Professional Network & Endorsements

As a wedding officiant, I don't need to be concerned with the details of the ceremony because Tara Melvin has thought everything through! Before I arrive at the venue the day of the ceremony, Tara has already sent me an email message with the specifics and a detailed timeline. Once on site, she greets me and together we review the procession, ceremony, recession and any announcements I need to make to the guests following the ceremony. Tara's strengths include design, creativity, identifying the appropriate vendors, attention to detail, flexibility and patience. She is the ultimate "go-to" person for any event and especially weddings.

Tara and her crew are second to none. I was blown away not only by the amount of things they took care of, like care packages for the bathrooms, but by all of the things they were prepared for. The day of the wedding, Tara and her team were the go-to people for just about everything, and the had everything from bungee cords to zip ties to duct tape and even mints and deodorant. That level of preparedness proves that Tara is a veteran in this business and her company is a top notch provider for any event.

Tara is a great wedding planner we have had only great experiences with her. She is very organized and does help the day run smoothly. If you are planning a wedding I highly recommend Tara so you can just sit back and enjoy your wedding day. Tara will be sure everything runs smoothly.

I was part of a major bridal event that was planned by Tara Melvin and the Perfect Planning team. The event was perfectly appointed and every detail considered and addressed. Her team was always visible, available, and ready to help and respond to any needs. Professionalism is obviously the cornerstone of their service. I was extremely impressed with every aspect of their performance and attention to detail. I highly recommend Tara and her team!



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571-402-4594 (phone)
Perfect Planning Events is a wedding planning company from the Washington, DC area. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia. Perfect Planning Events is a professional wedding planning company that has been part of the Washington, DC metropolitan area wedding industry for nine years. We specialize in luxurious weddings, social, and corporate event planning.