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Providing excellence in Virginia wine at an enchanting venue.

Narmada Winery is an enchanted place filled with hopes, dreams and visions of a beautiful future. Our 51-acre estate in Rappahannock County provides an escape from the bustling world around us.

Easily accessed via Route 211, we are a mere hour away from our nation's capital but lightyears beyond the cares of everyday life.

The very quality of the air -- fresh and softly scented -- and the abundant, luminous light that streams down on the rolling vineyards provide an unequalled experience.

Narmada Winery's several event spaces are unique and special, each in their own way. Celebrate with hundreds of friends, or more intimately with your closest loved ones. Your time here will create unforgettable memories.


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Regions serviced: Washington DC

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We had a small wedding at Narmada Winery in October of 2012. We can not say enough good things about the experience. Their property is absolutely gorgeous. We got married at a gazebo right next to the grapes with a lake in the background. It was the perfect setting for a fall wedding. We had a small wedding of 40 people so were able to use the tasting room for our reception with a cocktail hour on the patio. They worked well with our Caterer and other vendors. They took extra steps to ensure our day was special without us even having to ask. The staff and family that operate this winery are absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend this venue for a wedding!!!

Profile Picture Sandra, 10/13/12, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My husband and I had flown in to Virginia from Colorado to find a wedding venue. When we found Narmada we had contacted the event manager, setup a meeting discussed prices. We then cancelled all other venue meetings and prepared to have our wedding at Narmada.
After we had flown home and contacted the same man to finalize our contract for the price we had agreed on. We found out that he had told us the wrong information and the price to rent the venue had doubled. After days which turned into months of trying to contact the owners and event management we finally got a final quote and booked our venue. However, this was not the only struggle we had including:
Narmada's response takes on average a week or more to get back to you. Very hard when trying to plan across the country. We were never given straight answers it was always I'm not sure let me check and nothing was ever followed up with.
We asked to extend our contract past 10:30 pm, they said this was a possibility for more money, denied our request 2 weeks before our wedding. Said it was due to noise ordinance laws. There are no noise ordinance laws in this county for weddings.
We had to buy wine from the venue, we were not provided a wine opener for our rehearsal dinner at the venue, we had wine in a bottle but no way to drink it.
We got married about 200 yards from the winery. Narmada said they would provide clean porta potty near the wedding venue in case anyone needed to use them. On our wedding day ONE porta potty was provided without handsanatizer. It was raining and that was the only bathroom our guests used.
Maryanne our event manager was incredibly hard to get a hold and we felt like Narmada saw us a dollar sign and did not care about any part of our wedding process.
If you are wanting a beautiful, stress free day I would not recommend getting married here.

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Profile Picture liz, 9/26/15, 4 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Covered Outdoor, Uncovered Outdoor

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