Welcome Bag Ideas?
I'm starting to think about what to do for welcome bags for my guests who will be coming out of town. Any unique ideas that you've come up with? Anything that your guests have really appreciated? I'm probably going to have about 30-50 bags... so cost-effectiveness will be nice too!

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Some local guide of things to do is always helpful ( I got pocket sized NYC subway maps). I am also putting in a postcard of the city. Then I will add this typical water, chips, candy, and possibly black and white cookies ( another NY favorite). I am also making a welcome letter with a timeline of the day.

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Hello. I ended up doing welcome baskets. I know a lot of ladies here got their bags from Oriental Trading.

http://www.orientaltrading.com/party-themes-and-events/gift-bags,-wrap-and-ribbon/gift-bags-and-gift-boxes/wedding-a1-388686 98-1-1.fltr

ALso, here is a link to a thread about this topic.

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Hi Date Twin, I am putting in my welcome bags water, chips and homemade cookies. A lot of our family is from here and they just moved to different states so we know they are very familiar with Los Angeles so we are just going to make sure they have enough snack in the bag. I am going to put a letter in each bag Thanking them for coming to our wedding....I am going to go to costco and stock up on all the snacks.

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Thanks a lot, everyone! This is helpful. I'm going to hit up Costco too ;-)

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you have 30 to 50 OOT guests coming?! WOW!!! my OOT guests will get welcome bags, a letter... saying thanks for coming and how much we appreciate them and they're time to come allll the way out here ,etc etc... water, snacks, area FUN ideas, loca lattractions, and maybe something "specific" to your area. is your town famous for anything?! Like NC.. it was hard, but i was like. Small town BBQ sauce..hello its the south, and a local bbq sauce is the extra thing im putting in there! thought that would be fun, but im only making like 10, lol

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Yeah... over half of our guest list is out of town!! Some of them have already booked their hotels, so I'm going to wait to see who actually does it before I make the bags. I'm hoping the number to be smaller than I'm anticipating! Isn't that awful?? :-)

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@ Alison M. I wish our OOT guest list was that small. Ours is more like 100 guests coming from OOT. We had also originally thought about doing welcome bags for them, but logistically and cost wise that idea quickly got thrown out the window.
Congrats on getting married and making all those bags.

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100 guests total, but the Welcome Bag will be ONE per room. so if a fam of 4 is coming they're still ONLY get one!

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So true, Sabrina! That's exactly what I'm thinking!!

And Tiffany... I feel ya. Depending on how far I can stretch my dollars... I'm hoping I can afford them for all of my guests too!

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amazon.com is a great place to find stuff. We included tissues, two aspirin (sample packs from staples) and a bottle of water. It was pretty cost effective and we had about 50 bags as well.

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For me my NUMBER 1 thing is finding them something to do for the days before and after your wedding. Fun & Exciting... Make them want to come back & visit not just for a wedding... Maybe go to your local casino's or parks or something like an outlet mall... get the flyers so they know they have options... That would be my #1 thing... :)

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Our hotel has a great vintage feel to it, so Im putting old fashioned treats in the bags, 2 glass bottles of Cheerwine soda, homemade cookies,stick candy,and Im putting postcards in them (already stamped and addressed, one to us, one to them so when they get home they have something fun coming in the mail, I got this idea from someone on here last week), individual packets of excedrin,chips, peanuts and apples (local treats) and small travel tin candles with matches. I'm putting everything in the large white gift bags Micheal's carrys, with white tissue and loads of white curling ribbon tying it together.
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