"Vows" the Salon and TLC TV Show " I Found The Gown" - Anyone Been?
Out of curiosity has anyone ever visited the store Vows in Boston? I am watching the show on TLC now and it seems like they have some very good deals there and it seems that they work hard to find a particular gown if a bride calls/emails in and requests it.

If there had been a store similar in my area I would have gone there for sure.

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If I wasn't in Canada I would have went there. I'm watching the show now though :)

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I wish I was close to that shop. Totally jealous.

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I love this show. although in watching this new season vs the old one, it appears the super deep discounts they used to have on designer dresses are no more which is sad. They still have about 50% discounts nut last season, it seemed like the majority of dresses were 70% or so off. I mean from last season a $10,000 gown went for I believe $1400 or so. I remember b/c the bride got the $10000 ($1400) and the veil worth $4000 ($99 on sale). Total cost was $1500 for a $10,000 ensemble. (I think I have the totals right but if not, I'm only off by a couple hundred. I still love the show though.

Mrs Roberts
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I've never even watched this show before.. I will start now though lol..

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Never been but I'm on their website all of the time (www.bridepower.com). I think they are outside of Boston, but they have a ton of gowns listed on their site.

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there is a store very simillar to this in san francisco that i went to - called glamour closet. they also have locations in LA and chicago.

it was great, not a huge store, but all of the gowns were all high end with great discounts. i would definitely check it out!


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They're in Watertown where everything went down today. :(

I was considering looking for a dress there, but like all shops that sell sample gowns..they tend to stock size 8 and above. I'm a 2-4 which they might have like 10 or so dresses. So unfortunately it wasn't worth looking into, but they do have some nice dresses. I hear they tend to hold the nicer ones for the show though, not sure how true that is.

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I plan to go there first, I've seen some good reviews and I'm starting shopping early enough, I figure why not try it and if I don't find anything at least I have plenty of time to still shop around. I only recently, after I decided to shop there learned it was on TLC .
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