Does the father of the bride wear the same tux as the BM and GM
My FH, BM, and GMs are going to get measured for their tuxedos tomorrow, I didnt know If my father should come with us or does he wear a tux of his choice

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Our fathers are wearing the same style just different color. Fathers will be in black and white and GM will be in fuschia and black. Same style tho :) great question. I think its up to you but if anything I would at least put the dad's in the same tux as eachother.

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It's a matter of taste and formality. It does make it easier. Our dads had the same tux with a different vest color.

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We haven't picked them out yet but we are thinking that they should be the same style but different color suit. For instance, my FH wants to wear gray, so Dads will most likely wear black. Plus it looks great for photos.

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Oh, I hadn't really thought about what my dad will wear. Is it normal for fathers to wear a tux if the groom and groomsmen are wearing them?

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LoL my dad is definitely wearing whatever he chooses, the likelihood that he will show up in Nigerian attire is very HIGH. LoL

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Our dads wore the same tux as DH and his guys. The only difference was the vest colors. DH's vest was ivory to match my dress, the GMs vests were cognac (one of our wedding colors) and the dads' vests matched our mom's dresses (my dad in plum and my FIL in apple) Here's a couple pics, first one is DH and his guys, second one is the dads, third is both our families together (my brother was a GM, so you can see his tux too)

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I really never thought about it. But I know my dad is NOT going to be wearing a tux, I will just be happy if he shows up and walks me down the isle. I wouldn't care if he came in his PJ's.. lol
Not sure what FFIL is wearing or FMIL I haven't discussed that with them.
I did ask my mom if she wanted me to buy her an outfit, she just gave me a funny look, and said I"M NOT WEARING A DRESS!!" I let her know she didn't have to but I would like her to wear a really nice pant suit. She sounded relieved. So i guess I will be looking for her a pants outfit.
Dad, I might get him a really nice shirt (has to have a pocket in it) and dress slacks.

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my dad wore the same style of tux...but his vest and tie were silver and the gm's were cornflower

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My dad is wearing an ivory tuxedo jacket to match my dress w/black vest and pants. FH is wearing a black tux w/ivory vest. GM are wearing black tux w/malibu (teal blue) vest.

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My dad is wearing his own tux. He is getting the vest to match the fellas

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Thank you ladies!! That helps alot! What would I do without this place! :)
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