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dj Disaster - please help
Elizabeth in Wedding Reception, Today at 12:30 PM

So yesterday we had a meeting with our DJ for the first time. He hadn’t reached out to us at all and seemed unreachable by phone so I finally arranged a face to face meeting to discuss details. And it...

Elizabeth, 11 seconds ago 14 Comments 242
Name change services you recommend?
eilonwy3 in Married Life, Today at 1:56 PM

Does anybody have a name change website they went through that they recommend? I know I could save money and do it myself, but I am going to be moving out of state and it just isn't panning out that...

eilonwy3, A minute ago 2 Comments 37
Photographer/videographer goodie bag??
JBrideToBe in Etiquette and Advice, Today at 4:16 PM

Hi all,I wanted to prepare some goodie bags for our photographers/videographers who will be there with us all day during our wedding, but I'm not sure exactly what to include! I know this isn't...

JBrideToBe, A minute ago 3 Comments 44
How Many is Too Many?
FutureMrsD in Parties and Events, Today at 4:55 PM

Our wedding is July 20, 2019 in Colorado (where we live). My fiance is from here, so 99% of his family and friends are here. I'm from San Diego, most my friends are there as well as about half my...

FutureMrsD, A minute ago 18 Comments 90
Did you try on a dress you know you can't afford?
Kelly in Wedding Attire, Today at 11:05 AM

We all know we’re “not supposed to”, but during your hunt for the perfect dress - did you ever try on a dress that you knew was way out of your price range? Are you innocent or guilty ? Next Question:...

Elizabeth, 2 minutes ago 32 Comments 162
10 Days To Go
Jenee in Planning, Today at 3:46 PM

I have 10 days to go and my stomach has been in KNOTS for the last 2 days. I am finalizing the last minute details and everything but I am really freaking out! I've been planning for over year so...

Kenisha, 2 minutes ago 5 Comments 30

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