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Hashtags are hard.
Kara in Planning, Today at 9:29 AM

Hi y'all! I am DESPERATE and need help to create a hashtag for our wedding! We have exhausted our brains for weeks. Here's a few details to help:-Bride: Kara Hackett (hack-it)-Groom: Kyle Cecchi...

Kara, 2 minutes ago 5
What’s is everyone’s first dance song??
Sarah in Community Conversations, Today at 9:27 AM

Hey everyone!! Congratulations 🍾 I’m curious what is everyone’s first dance song going to be!?!? As of right now our first dance song will be Ed Sheeran Thinking out loud! Unless I find a song i like...

Sarah, 3 minutes ago 10
Danielle in Planning, Today at 9:24 AM

My fiancé and I are getting married in March and I can't find a hashtag that we both can agree on. His name is Paul Pagano and mine is Danielle Rodgers. I've seen all the common tags like...

Danielle, 7 minutes ago 4
MrsBurkes2020 in Planning, Today at 9:21 AM

Hi everyone! I'm getting married 5-23-20When so I start calling/emailing vendors?

Adancia, 2 minutes ago 2 Comments 16
What Kind of Earrings Are You Wearing?
Neffe in Wedding Attire, Today at 9:05 AM

Along with the glitzy fabulousness of your big day, your earring selection can also make a huge statement! Your accessories are that added touch of glam! You can “drop the gems” with dangling...

Neffe, A minute ago 11 Comments 58
Maid of Honors
Emily in Planning, Today at 8:54 AM

Anyone else have two maid of honors? I’m very close with both my sister and my cousin, my cousin is like a second sister to me and I want them both to be my maid of honors but I’m not sure how to go...

Alyssa, 10 minutes ago 6 Comments 55

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