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Powerhouse Studios

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Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism, Portraiture
Services: Custom Graphics, High-Res
Items: Albums, Digital Files, Matted Prints, Prints
About Us
My husband and I just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. We've packed a lot into those years -- one apartment, three houses, six cars, two kids, two cats, crazy schedules, jobs, road trips and more -- and this is just the big stuff.

I've begun to notice something happening over the past year or two. We are becoming a family. We're beginning to move past the "my way" vs. "your way" of doing things to, this is just how we do it. And I am becoming aware of the fact that our story that is being told every moment of our lives .

It's about more than just getting married or buying a house or having kids, it's about that restaurant you always go to, and the road trips you take on the weekend, the notes that he leaves for you in your car, that jacket you love to wear, the way he looks at you...

Your story is being told -- but is it being captured? My goal is to do just that... to tell your story, and to capture more than just a few pretty pictures (although I'll do that too!).

I love getting to know my clients. Who are you? What are you about? What do you love? I love learning these things and then being able to incorporate who you are into your photos. And what do you get? An experience that is colorful, comfortable, and creative... and memories to match.

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2011 Bride's Choice Award®
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2010 Bride's Choice Award®
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2009 Bride's Choice Award®