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First comes the bride, then the vows, followed by the tears… and then the cheers! While the gravity of the ceremony is meant to cement a couple together for their lives, the real fun for guests begins when it’s time to dance. And of course, eat. While owner of Philadelphia's Feastivities Events, Meryl Snow says all engaged duos desire convenient and sophisticated wedding food ideas with fresh, natural ingredients, more and more are becoming more adventurous with their selections. She also notes that thanks to an the flourishing wellness community, where being health conscious isn’t only encouraged, but trendy, couples are more mindful than ever of what goes into their bodies. “Couples are increasingly aware of the importance of choosing the right foods for their guests, as their menu is an extension of who they are and what they stand for,” she continues. “Luckily, shopping for organic isn’t as expensive as it may have been 10 years ago, and this has made it much easier in recent years for couples to develop fresh dishes to serve.” In other words? Spouses-to-be are going far beyond the traditional chicken, fish or beef and offering a new way of experiencing traditional wedding noms.

As we look ahead to another lap around the sun—and of course, endless invites to field through—here’s a preview of wedding food ideas for 2019.

Creative Fermented Foods

For those hoping to improve their digestive system, fermented foods can do wonders. For this reason and many others, foods like kimchi, pickles and sauerkraut have seen an uptick in sales in recent years. Now, according to Snow, these probiotic-rich bites are among the top wedding food ideas for 2019. In addition to their unique flavor and interesting texture, Snow says couples are choosing these as toppings, side dishes or even mainstays because they illustrate creativity and effort.

Action Stations for Hors D'oeuvre Receptions.

Tommy Waters of The Renaissance in Richmond, Virginia says the demand for hors d’oevures action-oriented stations are on the rise. What does this mean? Any food station where a guest can create, make or cook something. Whether hot or cold, many dynamic duos are exercising their innovation skills. “We have a wedding coming up where our couple is having a dessert station of roasted pineapples. Guests will get to pick different toppings, ice creams, and sprinkles,” he shares. “America's sweet tooth is bigger than I've ever seen it before.”

Foods Served in Bowls

When you finally sneak out of your office for a quick lunch break, what are you most likely to pick up? If you follow the advice of the food blogs, you’re likely to head for the latest healthy obsession—whether its a chopped salad or a poke bowl. The key word here? The serving vessel: bowls! Snow says going into 2019, couples will be more likely to skip the fancy, crystal dinner plates and choose their circular counterpart instead. “Whether it’s poke, noodles, hummus, or full entrees, bowl-served wedding food ideas makes for easy cleanup and a great marriage of ingredients,” she explains.

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Better Protein Variety

If you live in a mecca like Los Angeles or New York, your RSVP card won’t only include a checkbox, but a special space where your loved ones can list their allergies. Sure, food sensitivities aren’t merely reserved for the major metros on either coast, but they are propelling the conversation around the importance of serving a variety of proteins. Snow says in 2019, couples will be more considerate—and imaginative—with the options they give guests to fuel them up so they can take to the dance floor. “We’ll see a huge shift in protein in the coming year, especially with diet-friendly menus like vegan or gluten-free,” she continues. “Meat will no longer take center stage as the primary source of protein— instead we’ll see lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa making a jump in popularity.’

High-End Mocktails

We can’t believe it either, but not everyone wants to become rip-roaringly intoxicated while they’re attending a wedding. Or, they want a fresher mixer than say, Diet Coke or Sprite. Snow predicts high-end mocktails will have their heyday in 2019, complete with fruit-forward and herb-healthy flavors. “Fresh fruits and syrups will take charge and bring creativity to the beverage selection. This is the perfect option for guests that want to limit their alcohol intake but still be festive,” she explains. When decorated with care, they can also serve as a killer, statement-making and colorful centerpiece.

More Food Trucks

Beep beep—food trucks aren’t going anywhere, according to Waters. He receives so many requests for these to be parked at his venue that he wants to start a mobile culinary wonder of his own. “It's almost commonplace for me to offer rates and information on what is available, what the costs are, and can they pull up to our parking lots and just open up,” he shares. Why are they so popular? For a simple reason: they’re cheaper, they’re delicious, and well, they’re fun! “You can have tacos, burritos, and more commonplace fair you would expect. But what about a pink food truck that specializes in 18 types of cotton candy? What about a food truck that specializes in ice cream sandwiches? Or even a food truck that deals with organic gelato. There are so many incredible wedding food ideas,” he says. “If a couple can work a food truck into their budget it's by far one of the trendiest things to anticipate for 2019.”