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Wedding Fiascos and How Wedding Planners Solved Them

Thankfully, whether it’s a crushed cake, a vendor backing out, or even a venue change, a wedding planner can come to the rescue!

Cake table outdoors

Cake table outdoors

Photo: Cory Kendra Photography

Even if you have planned every last detail of your wedding, life happens, and there can be times where things don’t go just the way you wanted. Thankfully, whether it’s a crushed cake, a vendor backing out, or even a venue change, a wedding planner can come to the rescue! Are you afraid of a wedding fiasco? Don’t be!

Check out how these superstar wedding planners saved the big day.

“My Wedding Ninjas”
"The bride and groom were from out of state and wanted to get married at a theater. Unfortunately, the theater was then booked for an upcoming show and in the contract, had to cancel on my bride and groom! Also, being out of state, the couple did not have enough time to fly back into town to check out more venues. So, my wedding ninjas and I stepped up, and did the booking ourselves! We set up times to Facetime the couple and show them pictures of different venues and eventually picked a new venue…and the couple loved it! They got married at the site unseen but truly fell in love with it! Phew!”—Crystal Beng of Cherry Blossom Weddings LLC, in Norfolk, VA

“I became the cake decorator”
"Unfortunately, the legs to the cake table were not properly locked or secured at a wedding I was working. Flash forward to my team and I moving the cake table into place, setting down the table and the legs collapsing. We then watched the three-tier wedding cake topple over onto the floor! However my team and I didn’t panic, instead we immediately sprung into action. We quickly scooped up what cake we could, took it to the back and started the reassembling process. After a quick call to a local bakery to get a bag of royal icing, I became a cake decorator and repaired the damage. The cake was back on the table, legs securely locked and on display before the first guest arrived. To this day, the bride has no idea that her cake took a tumble and I’ll never tell her.”—Priscilla Erwin of Orangerie Events, in Raleigh, NC

“No one is going to wreck my bride’s big day!”
“We had planned that the decor would start at 9:00am the day of the wedding. So, my crew and I arrived and called the gate entrance to see if anyone could open up the doors. No one had the key, but security mentioned they would try to find the venue’s event coordinator. She was nowhere to be found and not answering her phone. Everyone then got involved: security, the groom, the dads, the moms, even the bride. For hours, no reply. Then finally, a response from the coordinator, and she did not sound like a happy person. She informed everyone that the doors were only being opened at noon, as that was how it was always done—even though the families had requested the 9:00am doors open. Noon came, the coordinator arrived, and the doors were finally opened. However, while we had been waiting in the parking lot, we were busy! We prepped everything we could outside and had it ready to roll. We went like mad because no one is going to wreck my bride’s big day! My team and I were able to get it all done and it looked gorgeous in spite of the coordinator’s attempt to delay the day. The bride and groom were so happy, we were exhausted and relieved it was done, and the coordinator...well shall we say, her day did not turn out the way she had expected. Her behavior was brought to the attention of the event committee, and with previous episodes on record as well, she was relieved of her duties!”—Heather Stevenson of Wedding Belles Decor, in Ottawa, ON

“It was a race against time”
“I was still in training and it was my first wedding that I was doing that wasn’t a friend of mine. I was excited! However, my client was very budget conscious and picked a caterer based on price. To say this person was extremely hard to work with would be putting it nicely. He would never meet with any of the other vendors and constantly complained about the couple and even the couple’s guest amount. But, because the bride had already given him his deposit, we had to work with him. So the day of the wedding comes and at 11 in the morning I get a phone call, and he cancels on us. I really didn’t know what to believe. He came up with a ridiculous lie and didn’t even have any of the food prepared or a staff to send over to help! At this moment I went into full gear. I quickly called a friend of mine who helped me find a restaurant to match the couple’s menu. I then ran over to the nearest Target and found ingredients for the bride’s signature Peacock drink. It was a race against time but my assistant and I did our very best. Even with it being Mother’s Day, we were able to pull it off. The bride loved her cosmo Peacock drink and laughed when I tried to apologize for not being able to make the bacon shrimp wraps. She and everyone else had a great time and my Peacock drink was a hit!”—Wendy Kay of Birds of a Feather Events, in Dallas, TX