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The Pros and Cons of Delaying Your Honeymoon

Not everyone decides to steal away for their honeymoon the day after their wedding. Here’s how to decide if you’re on the fence.

With everyone trying to juggle a million things these days, taking a honeymoon directly after your wedding may not be a possibility. A variety of factors have caused more and more couples to push their honeymoon back a few months.

If you’re currently in a similar situation, we’re here to help you decide what’s best for you and your S.O.


You have time to tie up loose ends and pack

While many couples choose to jet off the morning after their wedding to their honeymoon destination, giving yourself some time to decompress after your all-night party may not be such a bad idea. You can spend some extra lounge time with family and friends, gather up any leftover decor items from the wedding, and begin sorting through your wedding gifts. You’ll also have plenty of time to pack for your trip. Taking off the morning after means you have to prep for two big things the week before. A delayed trip give you some breathing room in between.

You can work around your schedules

Chances are you’ll have to take off a couple days (or more) before the wedding to handle last-minute details. If you throw on another week or two for a honeymoon, that can add up to a lot of vacation days at once. Depending on your office policy it might actually be more beneficial to take your trip around built-in holidays or when your PTO bank replenishes.

You have something to look forward to

It’s possible you may experience severe wedding withdrawal when the big day is over—read this on how to cope with it—but planning a honeymoon a few months after will give you something to be excited about! Just when you think all the celebrating is over, you’ll off on a romantic week of exploring and relaxing.


You have to get right back to the real world

If you don’t take those extra few days after the wedding to recuperate and spend some quality time together, going back to work the following week may come as quite a shock. You’ll likely be exhausted, and won’t have as much energy to focus on your tasks at hand. A honeymoon allows you to unwind before getting back into the swing of things.

You have no time to relax after the wedding

In the days leading up to the wedding and on your wedding day, you’ll probably have little time to rest. The night of your wedding, you’ll be so wired up from the reception and after-party, the chances of you getting a good night’s sleep are slim. With so many sleepless nights your body will be craving a solid eight hours. Without a honeymoon, you probably won’t have an opportunity to catch up on the sleep you’ve missed.

It may feel more like a regular trip

With months passing by before taking a romantic getaway, when the time rolls around, it may feel a little bit less like a honeymoon and more like a regular trip. While there’s nothing wrong with that, traveling right after the wedding may make it feel a little bit more special. Plus, jetting off right after you get hitched is one of the fun parts of getting married!