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Photo: Clay Swanson Photography

You’ve probably heard someone (ahem, your mother or father) say, “The entire wedding planning process goes by so fast. REALLY, really fast. Take a deep breath, loosen up, and enjoy it while it lasts.” Well, it’s true! I know, because I got married on September 20, 2014, and I wish I could do it all over again (and again).

In order to keep those post-big day blues away and look back on your wedding fondly, find out how to deal with your withdrawal below:

Reminiscence x100
Your honeymoon is the time to sit down and talk about everything and anything that happened during the entire weekend’s events. Your spouse may have seen a fun tidbit that you missed, and, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you hear.

Journal Those Bloopers
Before you forget, write all of those “LOL” stories down in a journal. For example, your college friend decided to sneak a wooden table number in her purse out of the tent, or your brother’s best friend woke up wearing the exact same clothes he attended the wedding in the day before—bow tie and all.

Spice Up the Bedroom
Hint, hint. You know what I mean here.

Pamper Yourself
Sometimes, you need a little more treat yo’ self time beyond a manicure or pedicure. Make an appointment to have your hair and makeup done before a dinner date night out.

Dinner Date Nights
Do research to find a local restaurant in your area that serves similar food you ate at your reception - or even try to whip up the dishes yourself (your caterer might be able to provide recipes). Yum!

Save the Dress & Accessories
Yes, you should absolutely preserve your wedding dress afterwards. Who knows if your daughter will want to wear it down the road in the future? Plus, she might be able to use the jewelry as her something old, new, borrowed, or blue too.

Enjoy Your Signature Cocktail
When you go to a bar, order your signature cocktail. In my case, that’s rum punch garnished with an orange slice and navy blue or pink striped straw.

Commuting Musical Jams
Create a playlist of songs that your DJ or band performed to listen to in the car, subway, or metro. It will make your commute to and from work that much entertaining!

Work It Out, Always
Don’t stop your gym routine just because you don’t have to worry about fitting into your wedding dress. Keep yourself motivated by hitting your go-to break-a-sweat classes a few times a week. You will feel better you did.

Frame Your Favorite Photos
Before you go on a printing spree, consider where you can place or hang frames. Perhaps one wall can be solely dedicated to pictures, including a mixture of quotes from your vows or other artwork like this Rifle Paper Co. flower.

Repurpose Decor
What do you do with all the leftover decor items? Use ‘em in your new home. Whether it’s chalkboard signs, lanterns, or photo booth props, you are bound to find a spot for them.

Return and Purchase Registry Items
Many retailers provide completion discounts when you purchase remaining items from your registry that you didn’t receive as gifts. These can often be really great deals you won’t want to miss.

Premiere Your Highlight Film
It may take several months for your video to be ready, but it will be WELL worth the wait. Plan a movie premiere party with your family and friends. It will be an excellent excuse to relive your wedding together and possibly shed a tear or two.

Write Reviews
Don’t forget to say thank you to all your vendors by reviewing them on WeddingWire. After all, they were the ones that made your vision all come to life. Bonus: If you write two, you can receive a FREE gift from Shutterfly.

Get Published
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