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6 Reasons to Consider a Small Wedding

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to your big day's guest list. Here's why a small wedding can be absolutely amazing.

Jen Burton Photography

While some couples have their heart set on a big wedding right from the get-go, there’s something to be said for a small wedding with only your closest loved ones in attendance. Of course, there can be many budget-friendly benefits to a small wedding, but there are also some planning and logistics perks you might not expect.

Thinking about choosing a small wedding with your nearest and dearest? We’re walking through six solid reasons to take a “less is more” approach to your guest list.

It’s a good cost-saving strategy.

There’s no denying that fewer guests equal lowered costs all the way around. With a smaller guest list, you’ll save in key wedding budget categories like food and alcohol, invitations, transportation, and rentals. Also, fewer tables and chairs to decorate means you’ll be able to cut costs on florals arrangements and linens you may have otherwise needed in your reception space.

This type of budget flexibility is often very appealing to couples because it allows them the option to splurge on other wedding expenses. Whether it’s a dream photographer, venue, or honeymoon destination, couples hosting smaller weddings can consider these luxuries that might not have otherwise been possible.

You’ll have endless venue options.

Due to logistics, couples planning large weddings are often restricted to more traditional wedding venues that can accommodate the size and scope of their event. On the flip side, hosting a small wedding may allow you to think outside the box when booking a venue.

Hoping to get married at your favorite neighborhood restaurant? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of nuptials in your parents' backyard. Keeping a tighter guest list gives you many more possibilities to consider when deciding the setting of your “I dos.”

You can totally curate your wedding design.

For couples who aren’t willing to sacrifice ambiance and style, opting for a small wedding allows you beautifully curate each element of your wedding design. With fewer people to feed and tables to decorate, you’ll have the opportunity to allocate more budget towards the design elements of your dreams. Think floral installations, stunning tablescapes, calligraphy signage, hand-painted wedding cakes, or whatever aesthetics speak to your style.

You’ll avoid an overwhelming crowd.

Do you or your partner consider yourselves an introvert who’s easily overwhelmed with a big crowd? A smaller guest list might be the perfect solution for a low-key wedding day. You’ll enjoy those personal moments like exchanging vows or sharing your first dance without the added pressure of hundreds of eyes staring at once.  

Plus, keeping your event on the small side also means you can skip the formal receiving line and engage with your guests naturally throughout the day. You’ll get quality time with your favorite people for more rich conversations and meaningful moments you’ll treasure forever.

You’ll have a smoother planning experience.

Hosting an event with hundreds of guests, including a wedding, is a logistical feat. If you and your future spouse don’t have time to oversee all the moving parts of a large event, a small wedding could be a less stressful option. Planning a destination wedding? A small guest list will also ease the headache of organizing air travel, transportation, hotels, and itineraries for a large group of people, giving you more time to truly enjoy your engagement process.

There will be fewer invite dilemmas.

Perhaps the best thing about a small wedding? You have a thoughtfully chosen group of friends and family there to support you on your special day. You can bypass the pressure to invite every distant relative, colleague, college friends, parents’ friends, or random acquaintance you’ve ever known. To avoid hurt feelings or awkward conversations, simply let people know that you’re keeping things small and that you appreciate their well wishes.

On the day-of, all your favorite loved ones will be there to share in the excitement, and you can rest assured you’re surrounded only by people you truly know and love.