winter wedding party

Photo: Jordan Brian Photography

There are lots of ways to save money on your wedding, but if you’re flexible about your wedding date, it can be a major money-saver. By choosing months, days, and times that are not in-demand, you’ll be able to save a bundle. Check out these tips to learn more:

In most parts of the country, the spring and fall, particularly the months of June and September are most popular and in-demand. January and February are usually the least popular months to wed, and may be the least expensive.

While many couples may avoid getting married on holidays because guests may not be able to attend, there’s another reason – holiday weddings can be super-expensive! From holiday parties in December to busy florists on Mother’s Day, vendors tend to be extra-busy on holidays, so it’s best to avoid those in-demand days and weekends.

Day of the Week
Saturday is the most popular day to wed, so if you’re flexible enough to get married on a Friday or Sunday (or even better for your budget – a weekday), do it!

Time of Day
However, you can save money on a Saturday (or Sunday) wedding by hosting it in the morning instead of the evening. And best of all, who doesn’t love brunch food?

Bottom Line: Want to save the most money? Host a weekday wedding in January or February! While this might not be possible for everyone, even just picking the right season, day or time can help you save money on your wedding!