sparkler sendoff wedding kissing couple

Photo: Patrick Nied Photography

It is very possible to have an incredible wedding on a budget – and without too many sacrifices!

Check out our list of simple ways to save money on your wedding day.

Don’t go overboard on alcohol
Instead of offering a full, top-shelf bar, serve wine, beer, and a signature cocktail. It’s a major cost-saving move and your guests likely won’t mind. And if you have a relative or friend who simply must have a certain type of liquor, then you can have a single bottle available for him or her – just don’t overdo it.

Choose a simple cake
Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be an overly grand affair – the more labor-intensive it is, the more expensive it will be, so keep your wedding cake design fairly straightforward and the cake itself small (your baker can always prepare a sheet cake to serve). A few fresh flowers can spruce up a cake and cost far less than sugar flowers.

Reuse floral arrangements
Bouquets shouldn’t just be carried up and down the aisle – they can also serve as centerpieces for the reception. And other ceremony arrangements can be reused at the reception – altar arrangements can decorate the escort card table, aisle markers can be used as small centerpieces for long tables, and more.

Get married in the off-season or on an “off day”
Saving a lot of money on your wedding day can be as simple as just picking the right day. Avoid the spring and fall, and if you can, pick a date in January or February which are typically the least expensive months. And if that’s not a possibility, avoid getting married on a Saturday night – having a Friday and Sunday wedding can save you a bundle.

Cut the guest list
Fact: The fewer the guests, the less expensive your wedding will be. Depending on your venue and catering situation, you may end up paying over $100 per person. So even cutting 10 guests from your list can be a major money-saver.