couple under umbrella
Luke Savannah Photography

We all know the old superstition that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but if you’ve been dreaming of an outdoor wedding, a rainy forecast can feel like a major bummer. Turns out there are some major positives to having a rainy-day wedding—some that may actually surprise you. So if Mother Nature throws a wrench in your plans, don’t despair.

Grab your cutest rain boots and umbrellas: Here’s why rain on your wedding day can be absolutely amazing.

Your guests will be extra-comfortable.

Even if it’s not raining outside, outdoor weddings mean your guests will be exposed to the elements. Even on a nice day, some of your guests may be too hot, others too cold, and there may be wind, bugs, and other issues to contend with. If your event has moved to an indoor, climate-controlled space, it actually means that your guests will be more comfortable—and able to focus more on you and your partner, rather than swatting away mosquitos or fanning themselves with their ceremony programs.

Umbrellas and boots provide colorful accessory opportunities.

Yes, you may need to make a last-minute shopping trip to grab up some cool rain boots and umbrellas, but these accessories can add an extra pop of color and an opportunity to show off your personal style. The footwear options are endless—from brightly-hued wellies to classic Bean boots, black Doc Martens or glittery Chelsea boots. There are even umbrellas in many colors and styles, from the classic clear variety to colorful versions. And rain boots and umbrellas make easy (and useful!) bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts, as well!

You can take some truly amazing photos.

Photos in the rain can be totally romantic—you and your partner snuggled up under an umbrella, laughing as you jump over puddles, or even dancing in the drizzle! And there’s something extra-magical about rainy wedding portraits taken at night. Your photographer can use his or her skills to create an absolute work of art as the rain pours down around you and your new spouse.

nighttime rain wedding couple
Luxe by Lindsay Photography

Tented weddings are awesome.

If rain on your wedding day is forecasted, you may end up moving your outdoor ceremony or reception inside a tent. And that’s pretty great, because we love a tented wedding! Tents provide a fabulous “blank slate” that can be decorated to match your wedding style. Whether you choose a classic sailcloth tent, a clear-top tent, or something else, think of a tent as a unique opportunity, not a backup plan.

You and your vendors can get extra creative.

On that note, rain on your wedding day means that your vendors’ jobs will be a little more, well, interesting. They’ll have to bring their best problem-solving skills and work as a team to move your event indoors (or put up a tent!) with professionalism and creativity. From ensuring your tented ceremony space is gorgeously decorated to translating your outdoor seating chart to one that works indoors, you’ll be amazed at how your vendor team takes that old Tim Gunn advice to heart and “makes it work”.

There’s a chance of a rainbow.

What could be more incredible than a real-live rainbow in the background of your wedding photos? If the rain on your wedding day happens to die down during your event, there’s a good chance a rainbow may appear in the sky. If it does, grab your new spouse and your photographer and head outside for a few truly spectacular portraits. Your guests will also likely catch a glimpse of this natural wonder—and take some photos for a ‘gram, of course. A rainbow carries so much beautiful symbolism, even more so on a wedding day.  

It’s a great test of your relationship—and shows what’s really important.

Yes, a rainy forecast for your wedding day may make the last few days before your wedding extra-stressful. Think of it as a test for you and your partner as you enter marriage. How do you and your soon-to-be spouse work as a team to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation? Can you look on the bright side and focus on what’s really important (friendly reminder: it’s your relationship, not an outdoor ceremony)? Face the situation with a positive outlook and a healthy perspective and those around you will surely follow suit.

Yes, rain on your wedding day is good luck.

When the weather forecast shows a 90 percent chance of rain on your wedding day, you might not be feeling so lucky. But you should take comfort in knowing that a rainy wedding is a good omen for a happy marriage. So flip the script and let the rain fall down, knowing that you and your partner are in this together—rain or shine.