prince harry and meghan markle
Kensington Palace/Instagram

Millennials and engaged royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a few short months away from their wedding day, and as couples in the U.S. are in the height of engagement season, they may want to take a page from Prince Harry’s proposal playbook for ideas and inspiration. The couple didn’t fly off to an exotic locale as his brother did when he proposed to Kate Middleton. Nor did he let the bride-to-be pick her own ring as his father Prince Charles did when he asked Lady Diana Spencer to become his bride.

Prince Harry followed in the steps of other millennials and made his marriage proposal a traditional and meaningful moment. Here are five ways you can recreate Prince Harry’s proposal for the one you love.

Stick with tradition

Prince Harry, like 82 percent of millennials according to a recent WeddingWire survey, got down on one knee when he asked his American girlfriend to marry him. According to the Prince, he couldn’t even finish asking the big question before his bride-to-be said, “Yes!”

Make it a private moment

Unlike some millennials who are looking for a showy proposal, Prince Harry’s proposal occurred while the couple was having “a cozy night” at home. Today, less than a third of millennials choose to get engaged in the privacy of their own home. The newly engaged couple shared that they were making a roast chicken in Nottingham Cottage, their home on the grounds of Kensington Palace, when Harry decided it was the right moment.

Choose an engagement ring with meaning

Prince Harry followed in his big brother’s footsteps when he proposed to Meghan Markle with a ring that had stones that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. In addition to the side stones from his late mother’s jewelry collection, he also chose a diamond center stone, which is the most popular choice with 81 percent of engagement rings featuring one. But Prince Harry’s choice was more than just a beautiful cut. He picked a diamond from Botswana, which was one of the first places where the couple went on vacation together.

Get the parents' blessing

Over half (63 percent) of all proposals are preceded by a call or visit to mom and/or dad, asking for their blessing or permission to propose. Prince Harry’s proposal was no exception, as he received Meghan’s parents blessing before asking her to marry him.

Share the exciting news

In this sharing culture it’s no surprise that almost two thirds of couples (68 percent) announce their engagement on social media within a day or two of getting engaged. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle waited a few weeks before sharing their engagement with the world via a press release published to his father’s Twitter account.