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5 Tips for Styling the Best Post-Wedding Brunch Outfit for Brides

Yes, there's one more ensemble you have to shop for—your post-wedding brunch outfit! Here's how to find the perfect look for this party-after-the-party.

women toasting at brunch

Congratulations! After months of hard work and anticipation, you made it to the morning after your wedding day! Now it’s time to do it all over again at your post-wedding brunch! Wait, what? No. Your morning-after brunch should be as relaxing and easy-going for you as it is for your guests—and so should your post-wedding brunch outfit. This means you should be able to roll right into the event looking fresh as a daisy, sans break-of-dawn wakeup call, styling team and double-stick tape.

Here’s how to style the perfect post-wedding brunch look—with ease.

Stay comfy.

Wedding dresses (and staying in them) are complicated. Your brunch look should be the opposite. Trust me, no matter how fresh you think you’ll feel the day after your wedding, you’ll likely be exhausted (even if you’re not hungover). Comfort is key—you should be able to sleep in a little, pop on your cute post-wedding brunch outfit, and head out the door. Of course, you should still look put together—so seek tailored looks in forgiving fabrics (like pique knit pants with an elastic waist, or a stretch knit pull-on sundress). Above all, make sure it’s something that you feel great in and that goes on easy—you’ll be very glad you chose comfy when you have 8,000 bobby pins to pull out of your hair the moment your alarm goes off that morning.

Think beyond white.

Wearing white for your post-wedding brunch outfit is a traditional choice, and it’s easy to plan for. Also, it’s your last chance to rep full-bridal-white, so you might as well go all in! However, if you’re sick to death of white (or worried you’ll get ketchup on the one bridal event look you actually would wear again), the post-wedding brunch is the perfect time to mix things up. Think pretty florals, sweet plaids or polka dots, in cheerful colors—nothing too heavy. Or consider fresh approaches to white that you wouldn’t wear to other bridal events—like white jeans with a crisp white top, and a colorful shoe (or sneaker!). This is your opportunity to show yourself in a new—officially married!–light, so that gives you license to get creative with how you choose to implement traditional “bridal” style.

Stick with what you love.

Speaking of jeans and shirts, if that’s what you love to wear, this is your time to wear it. Everyone loves wedding dresses, but wearing them isn’t necessarily a personal style. Your brunch is your chance to “return to the real you” after playing the super-special role of bride all these months, so you shouldn’t feel like you need to go super formal or super special—what matters is that you’re representing the style you love. Don’t overthink your post-wedding brunch outfit—you’ve done enough planning already!

Use what you've got.

When you plan your wedding day hairstyle, think about working with your stylist to design it around how it could evolve into your post-wedding brunch hairstyle. That way, you don’t have to fuss with a brand-new hairstyle when you wake up (exhausted) for your brunch. For example, if you wear your hair up, ask the stylist to use products that minimize bends in your hair so tomorrow morning you can brush out your several-hundred-dollar movie star curls and hit your brunch with beachy waves. Or consider braids that will give your hair amazing texture the next morning. And don’t forget to repurpose your accessories—there’s no need to spend more money on more stuff to complete a perfect look. If you changed into pretty sandals for dancing at the end of your wedding, build ‘em into your brunch look to get more mileage out of them!

Coordinate with your partner.

It’s important to wear what you love and feel comfortable in, but it’s also important that you and your partner look like you’re attending the same event as a couple. By that I mean, if you’re going casual your partner should not go formal. Decide together what you want your post-wedding brunch outfit to be and how you’d like to represent yourselves as a couple on your first day married. It’s not like your dress has to match his tie or her skirt, but sticking with the same theme will keep things cohesive (and set the tone for the whole brunch).