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32 Personalized Gifts for Your Husband That He’ll Love

These personalized gifts for your husband are ideal for every occasion, from holidays to birthdays, Father's Day, anniversaries, and much more.

husband gifts

husband gifts

The struggle to find the perfect gift for your beloved is real. Fortunately, personalized gifts for your husband are always a thoughtful and appreciated option. There are so many customized gifts for your husband to choose from, whether you’re looking for clothing, barware, or something completely unique for your guy. And remember—just because a gift is personalized doesn’t mean it will totally blow your budget. Many personalized gifts for husbands are actually super-affordable, too!

From birthdays to holidays, Father’s Day and more, we’ve got an array of personalized gifts for your husband for every occasion.

folding chair cooler

We love gifts that can do double duty. This is both a cooler and a folding chair, ideal if your guy loves the tailgating scene. Plus, it can be easily (and affordably) personalized so it’s clear that this cool gift belongs to your hubby!

WeddingWire Shop personalized folding cooler chair, $28, WeddingWire Shop

docking station

If your guy is always losing his phone, his keys, his sunglasses, his…well, everything, a docking station is an ideal personalized gift for your husband. This docking station can hold your phone, wallet, watch, etc. and keep everything organized. And—bonus!—it can be engraved with your love’s name.

Urart Design personalized docking station, $45, Etsy

laptop backpack

This handy laptop backpack is the perfect gift for the guy on the go. We love the classic yet stylish look, as well as the fact that this backpack can be customized with your hubby’s initials.  

WeddingWire Shop laptop backpack, $30, WeddingWire Shop

duffel bag

Every guy needs a travel bag, whether for a quick work trip or a weekend getaway. We love this duffel as a totally useful personalized gift for your husband.

Confetti Momma Party personalized duffel, $66, Etsy

wooden speakers

Whether your spouse is a music lover or just enjoys entertaining, wireless speakers make a great gift. And these wooden models have a unique, rustic touch with several personalization options, making them one of our favorite engraved gifts for your husband.

Qualtry personalized wireless Bluetooth speakers, $35, Etsy

bbq tool set

Is your hubby a total grill master? If so, this multi-tool will be a much-appreciated personalized gift for your husband. It comes with a grill brush, spatula, bottle opener, and more, making it the only tool he’ll need to man the BBQ this summer.

WeddingWire Shop BBQ multi-tool, $25, WeddingWire Shop

grill apron

Another ideal customizable gift idea for your husband, whether he loves grilling, cooking, baking, or just being your sous chef. This apron is affordable, useful, and thoughtful—an ideal gift for a variety of occasions.

WeddingWire Shop personalized apron, $15, WeddingWire Shop

money clip

Some guys keep their personal items in a wallet, while others prefer a more minimal money clip. If your husband uses a money clip, this personalized option is a nice upgrade. It is available in black or brown leather and can be customized with his initial.

My Personal Memories, personalized leather money clip, $30, Etsy

headphones stand

Whether your guy is a DJ, a gamer, or just always listening to tunes, this headphone stand will be fun addition to his office or man cave. The wooden stand (which is actually made by a 3D printer!) can be personalized with his name, and definitely makes a unique gift.   

Meow 3D Store custom headphones stand, $36, Etsy

away luggage

Luggage is a popular gift for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions—and Away is one of the hottest brands out there. Not only is their larger carry-on style sturdy and stylish, it can also be hand-painted with your husband’s monogram for a unique touch.

Away bigger carry-on with monogram, $295, Away

puck bottle opener

This personalized gift may combine your husband’s two loves: hockey and kicking back with a beer. Yes, this customized hockey puck is also a bottle opener!

WeddingWire Shop hockey puck bottle opener, $20, WeddingWire Shop

personalized cards

You don’t want your guy getting his playing cards confused with his buddy’s on poker night. These customized playing cards can be personalized—and we love the cheeky saying on the back.

Shutterfly playing cards, $20, Shutterfly

stainless steel water bottle

We all know that plastic water bottles are a no-no, so we totally love this sleek, stainless steel reusable water bottle as an ideal personalized wedding gift for your husband.

WeddingWire Shop stainless steel water bottle, $15, WeddingWire Shop

drink caddy

If your home has more of a rustic vibe, this wooden beer caddy will be a nice addition to your bar. Not only can it tote six beers, it also includes a bottle opener and can be personalized with your hubby’s name.

WeddingWire Shop wooden beer caddy, $28, WeddingWire Shop

whiskey glass

For a total Mad Men vibe, complete your guy’s bar with these classy, customized whiskey glasses.

WeddingWire Shop whiskey glass, $8, WeddingWire Shop


If your guy is into the home brew scene or just loves craft beers, this personalized wedding gift for your husband is spot on. It can be used to transport beer without losing any taste or quality.

WeddingWire Shop growler, $23, WeddingWire Shop


We absolutely love these cute tumblers, which can be personalized not only with your hubby’s name, but a caricature of him doing one of his favorite hobbies, from biking to painting, gardening, golf, basketball, and everything in between.

Shelly Klein personalized hobby tumblers, $32, Uncommon Goods

wood coasters

Coasters are a classic gift, but we love how these wooden versions have a rustic feel, and they can be affordably personalized as well.

WeddingWire Shop coasters, $10 for 2, WeddingWire Shop

can glass

These fun glasses are shaped like cans for a vintage-inspired touch. We also love the personalization here—a retro cursive print that is reminiscent of a 1950s diner.

WeddingWire Shop can-shaped drinking glass, $8, WeddingWire Shop

wood flask

While many flasks are the stainless steel variety, this one has a more vintage feel. Made of wood-wrapped steel, we absolutely adore the dapper argyle print, and the fact that it can be simply personalized with your guy’s initials.

WeddingWire Shop personalized oak flask, $10, WeddingWire Shop


Mugs are among the most popular personalized gifts for husbands, and we love the minimalist vibe of this black-and-white version.

WeddingWire Shop mug, $12, WeddingWire Shop

leather business card case

If your guy is a mainstay at networking events, a business card holder is a total must. We like the classic leather motif on this model—and the fact that it can be personalized, of course!

Shutterfly business card holder, $30, Shutterfly


A pair of cufflinks is an elegant gift for the guy that loves to dress up (or has to for work). These rhodium plated cufflinks are a classic personalized gift idea for your husband, as they can be customized with his initials.

WeddingWire Shop cufflinks, $15, WeddingWire Shop


Yes, watches can be a pretty pricey personalized gift for your husband—but they don’t have to be. This engraved wooden watch features a custom message on the back, and is available for around 50 bucks!

Fancy Gift Studio personalized watch, $52, Etsy


If suspenders are your guy’s accessory of choice, why not gift him this burgundy set, which can be customized with his monogram?

WeddingWire Shop monogrammed suspenders, $20, WeddingWire Shop


Elevate your guy’s sock collection with these personalized pairs. The set of five pairs of Pima cotton socks can be customized with your guy’s initial, or any phrase you like.

Uncommon Goods personalized socks, $50, Uncommon Goods

toiletry bag

A toiletry kit is both a useful and stylish personalized gift for your husband. This brown canvas version can be customized with his name in a variety of colors and fonts.  

WeddingWire Shop travel toiletry bag, $20, WeddingWire Shop


If your guy still appreciates the art of a handwritten thank-you note, customized stationery is the perfect personalized gift for your husband. We adore this simple, minimalist set that’s also quite affordable.

LongShadowPaper custom stationery set, $13, Etsy

keepsake box

This keepsake box will help your guy keep all his accessories, from cufflinks to tie clips, and more, organized. Not only is it super-budget friendly, it can also be personalized with his name and a meaningful date.

WeddingWire Shop keepsake box, $13, WeddingWire Shop


Help your hubby relax by gifting him this soft and cozy robe, which has a variety of personalization options.  

WeddingWire Shop cotton kimono robe, $30, WeddingWire Shop

batman keychain

Is your guy a superhero fanatic? If so, this sweet Batman keychain makes a fun engraved gift for your husband—we love the inspirational message, too!

Pink Lemon Design Batman keychain, $26, Etsy

gold record

If your dude has always dreamed of music superstardom, this gold record makes a fun personalized gift for your husband that he’ll love displaying in a place of honor.

Jeff Davis personalized gold LP record, $175, Uncommon Goods

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