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5 Honeymoon Details You Definitely Should Not Worry About

Don’t let mental nagging ruin your first official vacay as a married couple! Be sure to leave these stressful thoughts back home.

So clearly, you should not worry about anything while on your honeymoon—the focus should be on having fun and enjoying time with your new spouse. However, there may be a few nagging things that may stress you out just a bit before you leave on your big trip—but shouldn’t.

Here’s our list of things not to worry about before you head off on the trip of a lifetime.

The Weather

There’s no need to obsessively check the weather for your honeymoon destination—because you can’t control it. Even if the weather isn’t ideal, have a positive attitude and talk to folks at your hotel to find out fun activities you can participate in. And there’s the always-wonderful activity of snuggling up with your sweetie in your hotel room. Remember, it’s all about spending time with your new spouse, not being outside in the sun 24/7.

Your Wardrobe

You do not, and we repeat, do not, have to buy a completely new wardrobe for your honeymoon. Sure, it’s nice to pick out a few new outfits for the trip, but this is vacation, not a fashion runway. As long as you’re comfortable and relaxed, you’ll look fabulous no matter what!

Planning Every Minute

While it’s nice to have a few planned activities during your honeymoon, do not feel that you have to have every second scheduled out. It’s to have downtime to relax, explore, snuggle, have a leisurely lunch, and generally do whatever you want! Also, you may hear about exciting attractions, or restaurants in your destination after you arrive, so be sure to leave flexibility in your schedule so you can fit in these last-minute activities.

Anything at Home

Remember, you are on your honeymoon. We repeat: You. Are. On. Your. Honeymoon. That means, no emails, no phones, try to go off the grid as much as possible. Assign a friend or family member to check in on your house and be an emergency contact if you’ll be away for a long period of time, but otherwise, try to avoid worrying about any potential issues at home.

Taking a Ton of Photos

Of course, it’s nice to have photos of your honeymoon, but there’s no need to go overboard. If you forget to shoot photos at an attraction, don’t worry too much about it—you were probably having too much fun to think about photos, anyway! And your friends don’t want to scroll through thousands of images on Facebook anyway!