bridesmaids in purple satin robes holding chalkboard signs

Photo: Brit Perkins Photography

Watching the bride open her gifts is even more fun with this simple shower game. Here are the rules.

Before the Shower:
Create blank Bingo cards - five columns and five rows - with the word “Bride” written at the top instead of “Bingo.” Before the bride-to-be opens her gifts, give each guest a card and ask them to fill in their squares with items they think she might receive. They can use the registry as a guide or guess off-registry items. Have them write their own gift in the center space in lieu of a “free space.”

At the Shower
As the bride opens her gifts, guests can cross off any boxes containing items they guessed correctly. As with traditional Bingo, the first to cross off a full row, column, or diagonal of boxes is the winner!