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6 Ways to Avoid Bad Blood in Your Wedding Party

Worried someone will throw shade in your wedding party? Here’s how to make sure everyone gets along in your wedding crew.

wedding party

wedding party

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Planning a wedding is already stressful enough so you definitely want to avoid any drama between your leading ladies and guys. One of the easiest ways to prevent these potential quarrels is by getting some real-life groomsman and bridesmaid drama advice—trust us, you may need it! If you’re worried someone in your party will cause bad blood (T. Swift style!), then check out this groomsman and bridesmaid drama advice to help avoid passive-aggressive text messages (the dreaded “K!”) or other “betchy” antics in your wedding party.

Keep your bridesmaids and groomsmen in line with these tips to avoid drama in your wedding party.

Find the magic number.

You can easily avoid any major tiffs in your wedding party by choosing the right amount of people you will want standing beside you on your big day. Remember the more people you ask to be in your wedding party, the higher likelihood that a disagreement will occur. We suggest choosing friends and family members who you know won’t want to start drama or take away from your special day. This will create ultimate squad goals!

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Keep old flames away from each other.

If you know one of your bridesmaids had a “thing” with a groomsman and it didn’t end well, do your best to keep them separated. Hopefully they will try to keep the past behind them, but if tensions arise you’ll have to make sure they are far away from each other at your celebrations. Whether you sit them on opposite sides of the table at your rehearsal or make sure they aren’t walking down the aisle together, keeping the old lovebirds away from each other will ensure that no old drama is relieved during your wedding day.

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Make sure everyone chips in.

Everyone in your wedding party should spend an equal amount on the various wedding-related costs. Your bridesmaids should all be throwing in the same amount for dress cost, bach party activities and so on. The same goes for groomsmen and their responsibilities, too. If someone in your wedding party finds out that not everyone is coughing up the same amount drama between your squad can happen. To help avoid any money arguments we suggest giving your wedding party a budget that you think is reasonable to spend on your big day. On average, a bridesmaid spends is around $1,200 per wedding, so remember to be fair when thinking about what you want them to pay for.

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Don’t pick favorites.

A major piece of groomsman and bridesmaid drama advice: Even if you may be closer to your childhood bestie than you are with your sister-in-law, make sure to let everyone know how grateful you are that they are a part of your big day. Choosing favorites can cause some bridesmaids or groomsmen to get jealous or feel left out, so it is always a good idea to keep the balance between your ‘maids and wedding party.

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Don’t play matchmaker.

While we all know that it would be a dream come true if your best friend fell for your someone in your wedding party, you should never try and play Cupid. Just because you have single bridesmaids and groomsmen doesn’t mean that they want or need to be set up with each other. Playing matchmaker can actually cause a lot of unwanted drama between your ‘maids and groomsmen, which ultimately takes the attention away from you and your future-spouse.

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Enlist your maid of honor or best man

When all else fails you can always turn to your MOH or BM to help resolve any bumps in the road. A lot of times wedding party drama is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it will ruin your big day. If you think someone is causing bad blood and you can’t handle it anymore ask your maid of honor or best man to step in. More than anyone, they are there to help make sure your big day goes just as you and your partner have always imagined and to relieve any stress.

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