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6 Bachelorette Party Surprises to Totally Wow the Bride

Use of one these creative ideas for a bachelorette party surprise that will causes jaws to drop and tears to flow!

bachelorette party

bachelorette party

The bride-to-be in your life already has plans for an unforgettable wedding underway. But an unforgettable bachelorette party? That’s on you! To celebrate your bride in style, get inspired by these bachelorette party surprises to really make her last fling before the ring a truly unique and memorable experience. Just add champagne and her very best friends!

These bachelorette party surprise ideas will totally wow the bride.

Invite a Special Guest

Is there someone your bride would love to have at her bachelorette but has already accepted probably won’t make it due to distance, scheduling or some other conflict? Imagine her face when they show up at her party anyway! Whether it’s her far-flung bestie, her sibling in law, or her cool aunt, her bach party will feel so much more complete with this VIP in tow. How to make it happen? Email the guest in question on the sly, offer to pitch in to help cover the costs and see if other bridesmaids and the bride’s spouse-to-be will help pay their way, too. Then get ready for the tears to flow when this bachelorette party surprise arrives!

Pamper Her

Your bride is expecting to party hard during her bachelorette, but she’s probably not expecting to de-stress and knock an item or two off of her bridal beauty to-do list. So if you arrange a bachelorette party surprise in the form of a visit from a beauty pro—like an eyebrow threader, facialist, nail technician, whatever—she will be doubly thrilled! Not only will it be a special treat for all the girls at the party (and a bit of a break from all that tequila and dancing…), it’ll also help your bride kick back, relax and get one step closer to achieving her big day look.

Get Personal

She’ll never forget her bachelorette because of all the amazing memories you’ll make during it, but a personalized souvenir to help remind her of all those good times can’t hurt! Surprise your bride (and everyone else at the party) with t-shirts, wine glasses, beer koozies, yoga pants or other goodies emblazoned with her name, wedding date, and bachelorette party hashtag—it’ll give the whole party a super-personal feel, and will make everyone feel like part of the crew! Not into adding more stuff to your favorite gal’s life? Look into creating a personalized Snapchat filter just for the party instead—she’ll be touched by your effort and will be living for that Kardashian treatment!

Upgrade Her

If the bachelorette party involves a hotel stay, surprise your bride (and the whole group) with an upgrade to a nicer room. You might be able to snag one for free if you (super sweetly) explain the occasion to the hotel staff, but even if the upgrade is full price, it will likely be affordable if split amongst the whole group. And the look on her face when she sees you’ll be partying the weekend away in the presidential suite? Priceless.

Pick a Theme

For a big hit with the bride that won’t be a major hit on your wallet, theme out the bachelorette party. Match the theme with the location of the party (i.e., mermaid theme if you’re in a tropical locale), or with your bride’s style or hobbies, and go all out with cute decor, games, outfits, drink recipes and more. She’ll love the thoughtfulness and extra attention to detail you put into every inch of her bachelorette party surprise. This is an especially great way to delight a Type A bride who wants to be a part of all of the planning but would still like an element of surprise that won’t throw her into a tailspin.

Invite her Future Spouse—For a Limited Time!

During a party that’s all about her upcoming nups, she’s totally going to be missing her spouse-to-be. Arranging for her one-and-only to show up during one night of the festivities, or to pick her up at the end, will be a welcome bachelorette party surprise she will be so grateful for that will fill the event with even more love! The only caveat? Make sure the guest appearance is limited to a short time only—the whole point of a bachelorette party is that she is without her partner and celebrating her friendships, and you don’t want her to miss out on that experience. If the bach party is too far for her future spouse to show up at, a sweet surprise Facetime, flower delivery or round of drinks courtesy of him or her will definitely do the trick.