bride and bridesmaids in floral robes

Photo: Poppy Lane Photography

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is one of the most frequently dispensed tidbits of wedding planning advice, but every bride-to-be finds herself stressing over little things at some point—and it’s usually in the middle of the night.

Have I booked every vendor I need to book? I feel like I’m forgetting someone.

Are the dinner napkins I chose TOO pink? Are they pink enough? Are they the right shade of pink?

Did we remember to rent everything? I feel like we're forgetting something.

What if it’s too hot out on our wedding day? What if it’s too cold? What if it’s raining? What if it snows? What if it DOESN’T snow? What if it’s windy? What if it’s buggy?

Is my passport expired? Remember to check that tomorrow. What if it’s expired and we have to spend our entire honeymoon in an airport hotel?

What if I can’t get ready on time? Will I just have to walk down the aisle with my hair half-done and mascara on one eye?

Did I remember to order those stamps? Did I order enough? Should I order more? Remember to order more.

I hope none of our invitations got lost in the mail...

How am I EVER going to finish all these thank you notes?! (See: Top 5 Shortcuts for Writing Thank-You Notes)

What if my bridesmaid dresses don’t get delivered on time?

What if my spray tan isn’t evenly applied? What if my elbows look orange?!

What if my sticky bra loses its stickiness? What if one of my false eyelashes comes unglued? What if a hair extension falls out on the dance floor? What if my high heel breaks? What if my flower crown wilts?

Should we have given so-and-so a plus-one?

I hope my MOH doesn’t mention that one thing in her speech. (You might want to send her this list just to be safe)

What if the band plays all the wrong songs?

Did we register for the right china pattern? Should we get our towels monogrammed?

Did I address so-and-so’s invitation correctly? Is it Christina or Kristina? Oh no.

What if I’m too emotional to get through my vows?

What if our signature cocktails too strong?

What if we forget to bring the wedding rings to the ceremony? Knowing us, we’re going to forget them.