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Do NOT Say These Things To A Bride On Her Wedding Day

No matter how long you have known the bride, there are certain things you should NOT say. Here are some conversations that you should steer clear of on her big day.

bride and groom first look

bride and groom first look

Photo: Rania Marie Photography

No matter how long you have known the bride, there are certain things you should NOT say at all. Here are some conversations that you should steer clear of when chatting on her big day:

“Who paid for all this?”
Don’t bring up money with the bride. It is rude and awkward to ask how the couple could afford their wedding or to ask who chipped in for what. This is a time for you to compliment the couple on all the hard work they put into planning such a wonderful wedding no matter how lavish it may be.

“Do I have to sit next to THAT person?”
Don’t ask the bride to change the seating chart. Seating charts take a lot of time and are not just thrown together at the last minute. Asking to move your spot just because you aren’t the best of friends with the person next to you is a hassle and can cause unnecessary stress for the bride. So put on a brave face, order a drink, and sit where the bride wants you to sit.

“At my wedding, I did _.”
Don't make the day about you. This is the bride’s day and she does not want to be reminded that she could have done something different. Instead you should make sure to say thanks for letting you be a part of the celebration and avoid any comments that could draw the attention away from her.

“Oh, did you write your vows yourself? I don’t believe that.”
Don’t ask the bride if she had someone help her with her vows. It’s perfectly okay that she used a quote from William Shakespeare even if you know your friend has never read one of his books. It’s also none of your business if the officiant performing the ceremony played a large part in helping put them together.

“You need another drink!”
Don’t tell the bride she needs another drink to enjoy her wedding. A couple of drinks is fine but to peer pressure her into drinking so much she gets sick is a no-no. Let her decide when she needs another and don’t force her to become completely inebriated. She wants to remember her wedding not end up with a massive headache the next day.

“I bet it doesn’t last.”
Don’t make jokes about the marriage failing. This is not the place nor the time for sarcastic jokes about the newlyweds breaking up. Not only did the bride spend months planning her dream wedding, she does not want you making bets on how long her marriage will last.

“I thought you NEVER would get married.”
Don’t tell the bride you thought she wasn’t marriage material. A bride’s wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life. Saying you never thought she would settle down is something that might not go over well. It’s hurtful, and it will also make you look like a total jerk.

“What’s the plan after the honeymoon is over?”
Don’t bring up the future to the bride. Asking when the newlyweds will have kids or when they are buying their first house right after they tie the knot is poor timing. The bride wants to focus on her big day and not rush into what happens next.