bride in tiara

Photo: Alec & T. Photography

After a long road of planning, there are bound to be dozens of thoughts running through the bride's head on her wedding day. Below are a few we imagine may come to mind at some point. PS - they're not always completely logical.

“I’m getting married today! I can’t believe it's finally here!”

“Holy crap, wait, I’m getting married today?”

“There must be something I forgot to do.”

“Oh. my. gosh. I didn’t buy the wedding ring.”

“How are we supposed to have a wedding without a wedding ring?!”

“Oh wait. I did buy it. Phew.”

“WHERE are the hair and makeup people? They were supposed to be here at 8:30 a.m., and it’s 8:31 a.m.”

“Is this airbrush makeup really going to cover up my zits?”

“Does it look like I only slept for two hours last night? Because I did.”

“Did my bridesmaid SERIOUSLY just break her zipper?”

“I hope my fiancé(e) is awake. Sleeping through the wedding is not option.”

“I really hope my dress still fits. Did I have to participate in taco Tuesday the week of my wedding?”

“I should’ve bookmarked that YouTube video so my fiancé(e) knows how to tie a bowtie.”

“Maybe I should slow down on the champagne, I have to walk down an aisle in front of a few hundred people…”

“Or maybe I shouldn’t.”

“Is my passport expired? Guess we’re spending our honeymoon at the cheap motel down the street from my childhood home. #romantic.”

“I really, really hope Uncle Todd doesn’t get drunk and dance on the table like he did at Thanksgiving last year.”

“Do you think the groomsmen remembered to press their suits? Someone get an iron over there stat.”

“Is the flower girl EVER going to stop crying? No? OK just checking.”

“Is my mom EVER going to stop crying? No? OK just checking.”

“How is it possible that my grandma still doesn’t know my fiancé(e)’s name? We’ve only been dating for four years.”

“I really hope I don’t pull a Ross and say the wrong name at the altar.”

“I should have practiced walking in these shoes, I can already feel the blisters coming.”

“How is it humanly possible to sweat this much?”

“I’m a WIFE! Holy #&@!”

“If my dad shows any childhood photos of me during his speech I may quite literally die of embarrassment. Can someone please do a quick read-through?”

“Wow I’m starving. Have I had anything to eat?”

“Wait, I’m going to faint. Does anyone have smelling salts? Are those still a thing?”

“When did my hair go from a chic updo to a hot mess?”

“Has anyone posted to the wedding hashtag yet? Check!”

“I didn’t think my finger could sparkle this much with not one, but TWO rings. Like this could blind someone.”

“I love my friends! I love my family! This is the best day ev...whoa, there’s a dancing circle around me, hands in the air, like I just don’t care!”

“Is the best man really taking a nap in the corner right now?”

“There’s no way that reception was three hours, it feels like it just started.”

“How am I going to make it through the after, after-party?”

“Is it really over? Here comes the wedding withdrawal.”

“What am I supposed to plan and obsess over for the next year?”

“How many more times can I thank everyone for the best. day. ever?”